Bummer: 200 Million Americans To Suffer Due To ‘Climate Change’

Remember back to September 17, when I mentioned another scary fable from the Cult of Climastrology, which stated that ‘climate change’ would cause severe psychological problems? Well, Gizmodo decided to dig a bit deeper into this report, and the post is filed under “End Of Days”. Really

200 Million Americans Will Suffer ‘Psychological Distress’ From Climate Change


“The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States,” examines the hitherto undiscussed effects of increasingly prevalent extreme weather, sea level rise, drought and other impacts of climate change on mental health. How will we cope with a changing world?

“The incidences of mental and social disorders will rise steeply. These will include depressive and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, suicides, and widespread outbreaks of violence. Children, the poor, the elderly, and those with existing mental health disorders are especially vulnerable and will be hardest hit.”

Well, yeah, the poor will be hit the worst, because they always seem to suffer when government attempts to help them out. Anyhow, Gizmodo writer Wes Siler finds the 5 major findings. Let’s look at the first 2

1. 200 million Americans will suffer “serious psychological distress” as a direct result of climate change events.

“Natural disasters and extreme weather events will strike many places that are densely populated: 50 percent of Americans live in coastal regions exposed to storms and sea level rise, 70 percent of Americans live in cities prone to heat waves; major inland cities lie along rivers that will swell to record heights, and the fastest growing part of the nation is the increasingly arid West”

2. It’s not there yet, but climate change will become a “top-of-mind” concern soon.

“People may, indeed, suffer from anxiety about climate change but not know it. They will have a vague unease about what is happening around them, the changes they see in nature, the weather events and the fact that records are being broken month after month. But they won’t be sufficiently aware of the source. This anxiety will increase as reports of the gravity of our condition become more clear and stark.”

Here’s the thing: this report is not new. It was actually published in 2012, something I missed in my previous post in September. I’ll admit, I thought Soros funded Climate Progress was pimping something new. But, hey, when it comes to Progressivism, and believers in anthropogenic climate change are primarily Progressives (nice fascists), any idea is worth repeating again and again.

And since it’s from 2012, let’s consider finding #1: has “extreme weather” actually increased? No, it hasn’t. Heat waves were worse in the 1930’s, when CO2 was at a safe level below 350ppm.

On to number 2, it’s interesting to note that in virtually every single poll over the past few years, concern about ‘climate change’ typically ranks last or next to last. People are not becoming more “top-of-the-mind” concerned about ‘climate change’. They have concerns about real issues, rather than what the weather might do.

Of course, it is cute that they say people will suffer from anxiety about climate change and not even know it! They’ve been pushing this scareathon for 25+ years, and people are tuning out.

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5 Responses to “Bummer: 200 Million Americans To Suffer Due To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. john says:

    Teach every other nation believes that AGW is real. Only in the USA where fossil fuel companies have lavished ,omey to seed doubt is denial at the level of the USA
    Now we all know conservatives have a pretty low opinion of the population of the USA. What country do YOU believe is the most educated and well informed? What do the people who live there think about AGW?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    What country do YOU believe is the most educated and well informed?

    After reading your posts with a clear lack of math, logic and basic knowledge of most areas, I am not sure that you want us to judge the US with you as a role model.

  3. david7134 says:

    Do you ever contemplate the fact that as you consistently say very stupid things, your credibility becomes zero and you cast serious doubt on any cause for which you and Jeff support? Why don’t the two of you and this Z guy present credible rhetoric and facts combined with logic and insight? This may actually sway people. In this situation you go on about the relative value of intelligence of people in other countries and how that relates to their acceptance of AGW. Do you not understand that AGW is a political issue? As such, there is significant aberration of the knowledge base and an inability of people to make a reasonable decision? Actually, there was a study about a year or two ago in the US comparing conservatives and liberals and their acceptance of AGW. Guess what? The conservative, “denier” bunch were very much superior to the liberals in knowledge base. This seems to be the trend in that the emotional, less informed, not as well educated in our population seem to be more on board with liberal ideas and AGW. As I have said before to you, Jeff and Z, get an education (a real one), get a job, get training in logic and critical reading.

  4. jl says:

    Yes, John. Sometimes with the things you write I’m convinced you’re really a conservative writing to make liberals look like fools. If that’s what you’re doing, mission accomplished. “Every other nation believes…” So you’ve polled every nation? Good. Let’s see your data. Anyway, even if so it would only mean their governments “believe”, not necessarily the populace. And you’re still buying into the “consensus” game, which means nothing in science. “We have more guys on our side so we win!” How very scientific.

  5. Since the Kyoto treaty called for the massive one-way flow of wealth from the USA into every other country, why wouldn’t all the other countries be for it? Global warming is a scam, and I don’t get a dime from oil companies for saying so. In fact, I give the oil companies thousands of dollars a year for their products and don’t want to see that price doubled just to transfer more money to foreigners and insiders in “Big Global Warming”

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