Obama Looks To Use Poop As Energy Source

There’s a joke hiding in that headline that I’m really not sure what to do with

(Washington Examiner) President Obama is turning to poop as his latest gambit to fight global warming.

The White House is announcing $6 million in grants Monday to promote the use of a mix of garbage and/or animal feces to produce a renewable form of electricity to help fight global warming, as the president sets his sights on reaching a global deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Paris in December.

“As we look to Paris, today’s actions demonstrate America’s continued leadership in land management strategies that mitigate emissions and adapt to climate change,” a fact sheet from the White House reads. “Such actions include promoting soil health, improving nutrient and manure management, protecting sensitive lands, and encouraging renewable energy.”

OK, as funny as that is, considering that Hotcoldwetdry is a load of mule fritters, turning food and animal waste into power could, and I stress could, be worthwhile.

The Department of Agriculture is taking the lead in promoting smart agriculture practices by funding “anaerobic digesters” that can use garbage and an array of waste from livestock to produce clean, renewable energy from the production of biomethane gas.

Is it worth “$102 million in federally backed loan guarantees and $71 million in grants through the Rural Energy for America Program”? Will it create more greenhouse gases? Will it be relatively safe? Does the cost out-way the benefit? Is this just Team Obama hooking up their donor base? It would be nice if this panned out.

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5 Responses to “Obama Looks To Use Poop As Energy Source”

  1. Dana says:

    If we can make power from bullpoop, Washington, DC, will become the world’s leading energy producer.

  2. david7134 says:

    So, the combustion of this substance is going to be less than that of coal?? Does that make sense? Of course, if they are not burning it, then it will only make methane, another pollutant, according to the religion of climate.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Coal is naturally trapped beneath the Earth’s surface (and has been for millions of years) and does not naturally oxidize to CO2.

    Organic garbage and manure is formed from vegetable materials growing on the Earth’s surface and taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Burning it is carbon neutral since it would naturally decompose to carbon greenhouse gases anyway.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Here’s what Chelsea Clinton had to say about diarrhea:

    “I find the fact that more than 750,000 children still die every year around the world because of severe dehydration due to diarrhea unacceptable,” she said, explaining that the reason this “no longer happens here in the United States is because we have clean water…”

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