Team Obama Very Concerned Over Homicide Spike In Democratic Run Cities

There’s apparently no explanation for this kind of thing!

(AP) This year has brought an unusually grim and steady drumbeat of violence throughout the country.

A 5-year-old girl killed this month in Cleveland in a drive-by shooting. Seven people slain in Chicago over the July 4th weekend. A young female journalist in Washington, D.C., fatally struck by an errant bullet in May while waiting to change buses.

Violent crime has often been a local government concern and a problem that had been on the decline. But rising homicide totals in most of America’s large cities have sounded alarms within the Obama administration, with federal officials drawing urgent attention to the problem before Congress, at conferences and in speeches.

The Justice Department this month organized a brainstorming summit with mayors and police chiefs. And FBI Director James Comey, testifying last week, said the “very disturbing” homicide spike has law enforcement scrambling to figure out why it’s happening now, and why in so many cities that seemingly have little in common otherwise.

Nothing in common, folks!

“It’s happening all over the country, and it’s happening all in the last 10 months,” Comey told the House Judiciary Committee. “And so a lot of us in law enforcement are talking and trying to understand what is happening in this country. What explains the map? What explains the calendar? “

Yeah, what possible explanation could there be?

Washington, D.C., which in 2012 recorded just 88 homicides, already has 128 this year. Chicago police counted 385 killings as of Oct. 18, up from 323 on the same date last year. Police in Cleveland say they had 101 slayings as of Friday, an increase from the 87 they reported at the same time last year.

There’s no single explanation for the problem, and it’s not clear whether this year’s numbers are an aberration or the start of a worrisome trend. Some blame easier access to drugs and guns and have suggested that residents, including gangs, suddenly seem more willing to resolve petty disputes with deadly violence.

See? No single explanation. Well, in that, it’s correct. There are really two major explanations. First, virtually every single city that is seeing an uptick in crime is run lock, stock, and barrel by members of the Democratic Party. Add Baltimore, Newark, Camden, St. Louis, even San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle to the mix.

A goodly chunk of the cities seeing a spike in homicides also have draconian laws restricting legal gun ownership, but, that’s more of an aside rather than an explanation, because the second point, which will have Liberals crying raaaaacism, is that these cities have large populations of Blacks, and the majority of the shootings are by Blacks against other Blacks. The vast majority of shootings and homicides in the aforementioned cities were what is known as Black In Origin, meaning a Black shot another Black.

It is not racism to point this out. In order to solve a problem one must know what the problem is. A goodly chunk of these shootings and homicides occur in the slums and ghettos that have been created by Democratic Party policies in their Democratic Party cities. They keep the poor Blacks poor, and expect them to vote for more Democratic Party policies which redistribute more “aid” back to these same squalid neighborhoods, neighborhoods which no Democratic big-wig of any race would ever enter without massive numbers of security personnel. Democratic Party policies are bad for Blacks, there’s no debate about that.

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3 Responses to “Team Obama Very Concerned Over Homicide Spike In Democratic Run Cities”

  1. Dana says:

    While I have no problem at all with saying that there is a cultural problem within the black urban culture, I’d also point out that a significant problem might be urbanization itself: with too many people packed in too closely together, too-close proximity itself may well be a contributing factor.

  2. Berzrkr50 says:

    This white privilege is killing me! Sure glad I live in a conservative city where you’re allowed to defend yourself from the few ferals running loose…

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Might as well throw these into the mix;

    -The “Ferguson Effect”– An increase in crime across the country as a result of the after effects of Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities where police have been thrown under the bus driven by activists and politicians -Obama and Dems- supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

    -President Obama insisted, in July, that the mass incarceration of drug dealers disproportionately affects minorities. He believes that government is targeting blacks in drug investigations. As a result, he has been pushing more lenient sentences and the release of drug offenders he feels are non violent.

    -Obama as well as Democrats have also shown support for Sanctuary cities around the United States. These cities receive federal funding, and actually provide safe havens for illegal criminals.

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