NCSU Snowflakes Upset Over Party

OK, I’ll admit, the party theme was in poor taste, no doubt about it. Who would have thought that college kids would engage in stuff that others might have said “um, maybe we shouldn’t do this”?

Theme party causes controversy at NC State

A controversial party, held on the heels of “Diversity Week,” is causing a stir among students at North Carolina State University.

The party, held off campus Thursday night, involved a theme – CMT v. BET. Party goers were urged to attend dressed to parody country music culture and black culture.

Obviously, this has dragged the Perpetually Aggrieved/Offended out in force

Officials say there will now be new roundtable discussions on diversity, in additional to new panels, programs and town halls on campus.

Yay, roundtables! Here’s where it gets a bit amusing

“We have a whole university of folks who don’t entertain these conversations, that don’t participate in diversity week, so this challenges us to really think about how we can engage those students that are not interested in diversity programming,” said Roshunda Breeden, diversity coordinator for the Poole College of Management.

So, a whole bunch of college students couldn’t give a you-know-what about being part of the Perpetually Aggrieved/Offended crowd. Good for them. But, hey, really, someone was Aggrieved/Offended, and, rather than ignoring the issue and giving power to the offenders, or a hearty F You, they need to drag everyone in to their world.

University officials said there is no evidence that Thursday’s party was hosted by a campus organization, but the investigation is ongoing.

Investigation? Into a moronic, slightly offensive party? That wasn’t held on campus? Thought Police in action. It’s no wonder we can’t deal with big issues when we have people who conflate minor issues to be on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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