Pope Francis Is Totally Like Will And Grace When It Comes To Climate Change Or Something

I wish I could say this came from a satire site, like The Onion. Alas, no, though, really, most Cult Of Climastrology websites seem to be satire, since they seem to be so over the top bat guano insane. Like Joe Romm’s George Soros funded Climate Progress

Why Pope Francis Is The ‘Will And Grace’ Of Climate Change

In recent weeks, a number of writers have lamented Pope Francis’ failure to transform public opinion on climate change. Did the pope’s encyclical on the environment alter the views of American Catholics? Not really. Did his address to Congress sway Republican politicians? No. But that’s okay.

We may come to see Pope Francis as the Will & Grace of climate change. That is not to say that he is Will, a compulsive neat freak with perfect hair, or Grace, Will’s self-absorbed counterpart, or even Jack, their persistently flamboyant friend. Rather, the pope is Will & Grace, the show — all of it. He is at once trendy and tendentious, and when he’s not making us laugh and smile, Il Papa is challenging Americans to think hard about the defining issue of our time.

If the pontiff’s message on climate change feels inconsequential now, it’s not a flash in the pan. Pope Francis has made the care for our common home a central part of the church’s mission, offering a new avenue for faith leaders to drive home the moral argument for climate action. In other words, he is making it normal to care about climate change. And while there isn’t a good yardstick yet for measuring the Francis effect, we may look back in ten or 15 years’ time and see the pope’s “coming out” as a turning point.

Since Warmists are so enthused by Pope Francis on Hotcoldwetdry, will they follow his lead on abortion and gay marriage?

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3 Responses to “Pope Francis Is Totally Like Will And Grace When It Comes To Climate Change Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    There is always common ground in the interfaith community

  2. John says:

    Teach some “warmists” are Catholics and DO follow all of the Catholic Church’s teachings. Some do not.
    The Chief Rabbi of Israel has called on the government of Israel to use its influence to pass legally binding global measures to reduce climate change. The leaders of EVERY major religion recognize the dangers the climate vhanfe pose to the most vulnerable human beings
    So yeah I guess they all are s bit like Will and Grace in that they are incrementally changing the perceptions of people
    I guess you must think that all the religions of the world are now part of the giant hoax/conspiracy that is out to take away the freedomz of Teach to burn carbon without regulation

  3. TrishMac says:

    I think this Pope smokes dope.

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