New Scary Fable: “Climate Change Threatens Vital “Biocrust””

You know that the latest UN IPCC working vacation is coming soon when the number of bat guano hysteria fables increase above normal. Here’s another

Scientists have a new worry about a special group of organisms that protects soil on the Colorado Plateau. They’re called “biocrusts,” and they’re easily destroyed when trampled—but new research shows there’s another menace: climate change.

Biocrust is created by mosses and lichens glued together with photosynthetic bacteria. It forms a kind of bumpy shield on the soil surface.  

Scott Ferrenberg is a research ecologist with the Flagstaff-based Southwest Biological Science Center of the U.S Geological Survey. He collected a decade’s worth of data in Utah on how biocrusts respond to warming temperatures and changes in rainfall.

“My personal expectation was that physical disturbance would be much more dramatic – much more negative – than the climate change effects,” Ferrenberg said. “Sadly and shockingly, we found that they were very much equivalent.”

Of course they did. Sadly, this kind of idiocy takes focus off the real issue of people destroying the Biocrust by trampling on it. A real environmental concern, versus the Biocrust having to survive a tiny increase in heat, which it has multiple times during the Holocene, much less millions of years of history, if not more.

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One Response to “New Scary Fable: “Climate Change Threatens Vital “Biocrust”””

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    I may be wrong but I think these ‘scientists’ made up a new word for dirt.

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