Here We Go: Nature Is Masking Anthropogenic Warming

Do you know why? Because the models did not take nature into account!

Recent Slowdown in Warming Makes Sense

Dr. Kevin Cowtan, who is a senior research fellow from the University of York (UK) made an excellent short video earlier this year explaining why the recent slowdown in global warming actually makes sense.

I highly recommend watching this short video. Courtesy of the University of Queensland (AU) and YouTube. (you can watch it at that link)

Cowtan explains that climate models do not take into account the shorter term natural phenomena such as ENSO, volcanic eruptions, air pollution and solar output.

So, he’s saying that a) the models have pretty much been as worthless as a broken shovel, and b) Excuse-storming. I have to ask, if nature can stop the warming, why can’t it be mostly responsible for the warming?

During the most recent slow-down a majority of these phenomena had a cooling influence on the planet.

Cowtan explains that if these known natural phenomena were added into the models that the re-forecasts of the climate models are pretty close to the actual observations during the recent slowdown.

Huh. So, the models were/are garbage. But, hey, Cowtan goes on to yammer that we should not focus on the short term, but, instead think of the long term where we’re all doomed (according to the same models that he just said have failed).

Some skeptics also like to point out that that if man-made global warming is occurring the global temperature trend should run in tandem with the increase in atmospheric CO2. Cowtan explains that climate scientists have never claimed that CO2 is the only thing that is controlling the changes in global temperature.

Oh, really? They haven’t? All these “climate scientists” have yammered on about “carbon pollution” and how we have to give up fossil fuels and meat and buy local and stuff or the earth is totally doomed from heat, which has then been aped by politicians and policy wonks and people taking fossil fueled vehicles to climate change speeches and demonstrations.

But, yes, some do talk of other things. Methane, ozone, other greenhouse gases get a mention, but Warmists claim that CO2 is the primary “temperature knob”. Except when the temperature record is inconvenient, then they’ll have some sort of excuse.

Did I mention that Cowtan is saying that the models are garbage?

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One Response to “Here We Go: Nature Is Masking Anthropogenic Warming”

  1. john says:

    We should U guess blame the 2 hottest year s in a row on THE PAUSE.
    Likely that was also the cause of the 17 inches of rain in SC and last years super cold winter in parts of the USA while overall it was the 7th warmest winter in the USA,

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