Cult Of Climastrology: We Should Listen To The Pope On “Climate Change”

So says The Nation

On Climate Change, Listen to Pope Francis, Not Jeb Bush


But he will have a hard time topping his argument against accepting Pope Francis’ counsel on the need to fight climate change. After the pontiff urged members of Congress to engage with the rest of the world in “courageous actions and strategies” to combat global warming, Bush declared that the pope’s call should be disregarded.

Why? Because, Bush announced, “He’s not a scientist, he’s a religious leader.”

Bush, who is Catholic and who has attended mass with Pope Francis, needs to study up on the pontiff’s background in science. And on the rigorous research that underpins the pope’s advocacy on climate-change issues.

Before he chose to pursue the priesthood, the future pope trained as a chemical technician. Writers for the National Catholic Reporter reference “his training as a scientist” and point out that the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio “worked as a chemist prior to entering the seminary.”

It is a valid point, regarding the Pope’s background in chemical engineering. However, what about something else?

The Pope is the #1 authority figure alive in the Catholic church on these matters (well, obviously Jesus and the Bible are the ultimate authority): should we listen to him on those matters if we’re supposed to listen to him on Hotcoldwetdry? Strangely, Climate Change News hasn’t responded, nor has the Nation writer John Nichols.

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6 Responses to “Cult Of Climastrology: We Should Listen To The Pope On “Climate Change””

  1. john says:

    actually Pope Francis is/was a scientist. He took his degree in chemistry
    As for listening to him on matters about abortion and gay marriage IF you are a catholic than yes you should listen to him, as well as his saying that people are “obsessing” over those matters. And also listen to him concerning immigration. Now if you are NT a catholic you can still listen but you are not OBLIGATED to obey his encyclicals, which are supposed to close church debate on those matters.
    Teach should we/you follow the Bible on matters about immigration ? The Bible clearly says that strangers (immigrants) are to be treated just as everyone else is treated.

  2. JGlanton says:

    Perhaps if the Pope did not use a nutty spookbag as a climastrology advisor, he would be better informed. Here an another example of the 97% consensus mindset:

    Peter Wadhams is something of a favourite at [Bishop Hill], his researches into the paranormal, his physics-free sea-ice predictions and his concerns about assassination having provided readers with much entertainment over the years. The last of these claims led to an official complaint to the Press Regulator, but it seems that Prof Wadhams’ complaint has been no more successful than his doom-laden predictions about the Arctic. Prof Wadhams is an advisor to Pope Francis.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Did his Popeness discuss the pedophilia problems of some of his Catholic priests?

  4. Jeffery says:

    As a liberal, I find the the Pope right on immigration and global warming and wrong on gay marriage and abortion.

    It’s increasingly difficult to find any person of substance who doesn’t recognize the seriousness of global warming. Of course the lunatic Republic Party claims warming stopped in 1998, and almost all warming is “natural”, CO2 is a plant food and scientists are commie fascists out for world domination. They also believe in magic and unicorns.

  5. John says:

    And we should also listen to the 6 biggest USA banks that also just issued a climate change statement
    Climate truthers will of course that just shows how big their imaginary conspiracy is
    The banks want solar on people’s houses because that will somehow give the government more control??????

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Wow, thanks to the comments from Beavis and ButtHead, I’ve decided to change my ways.

    Now I am a bleeding heart enviro liberal.

    I will capture my farts in jars and eat my own feces to save the environment.
    I will rescue animals and my new hobbies will include trying new vegan recipes and snorting coke.
    I will try to stop protesting outside the abortion clinic every other week.
    I also pledge to stop curbstomping any queermos I run across outside the wedding chapel across the street.
    That one’s gonna be tough, though.

    And I will start to love obamacare.

    Hillary 2016!

    Thanks again, guys, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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