We’re Saved: Paris Has Car Free Day (sort of)

It’s all about spreading awareness, ya know

Paris has car-free Sunday ahead of Cop21 climate change conference

For the first time ever the centre of Paris was car-free all day long on Sunday, in a bid to promote cleaner forms of transport in a festive atmosphere. The future goal is to become like Brussels where a car-free day takes place every year in 19 districts of the city.

Private cars were not allowed to drive through the centre of Paris between 11.00am and 6.00pm on Sunday.

Outside this zone, cars were allowed to drive at 20km/hour maximum, while taxis, buses and residents could use “green zones”.

So, no private cars in this small area for a whopping 7 hours. Plenty of government vehicles, of course. And, on a Sunday, where the traffic is much lighter. Which made Warmists mad

“The fact that a Sunday was chosen doesn’t help,” wrote Olivier Razemon. “At the end of the 1990s every year on 22 September on World Car-free Day, Paris and other cities really made an effort to limit traffic. As the date was fixed, the restrictions could fall on a Friday or a Tuesday. It is not without significance that this forced drivers to adapt and, once a year, try new ways of getting around.”

Do these Warmists know they can give up their own fossil fueled travel for every day? Oh, wait, they just want to force Other People to comply.

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