United Nations Is Totally Psyched To Push For Internet Censorship

Is it any surprise that a body full of full on dictators and hardcore Progressives (nice fascists) would be thrilled with Internet censorship? The question, though, is “what do they want to censor?”

(Breitbart) So, what sort of content does the UN want to censor? ISIS recruitment videos, perhaps, which lure women into lives of rape and servitude? Live-streamed executions from Syria? Revenge porn or snuff videos? There’s no shortage of dangerous and potentially traumatising content on the web, after all, much of it disproportionately affecting women.

Alas not. The UN is hung up on “cyber violence against women,” a Kafkaesque term that is apparently shorthand for “women being criticised on the internet.” At least, that’s how at least two attendees at the launch of the UN report, published by the United Nations Broadband Commission, explained it yesterday.

According to feminist culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who spoke at the event, online “harassment” doesn’t simply consist of what is “legal and illegal,” but “also the day-to-day grind of ‘you’re a liar’ and ‘you suck,’ including all of these hate videos that attack us on a regular basis.”

Unable to prove that they are the victims of a wave of “misogynistic hate” – no bomb threat against a feminist critic of video games has ever been deemed credible and there are serious doubts about threats supposedly leveled at transsexual activist Brianna Wu – feminists are trying to redefine violence and harassment to include disobliging tweets and criticisms of their work.

Are there nasty things on the Internet? Of course! Each and every one of us has certainly had nasty things aimed at them, or read nasty things. Most of us are like Tim

Where is this coming from?

In a report released yesterday, entitled “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call,” UN Women, the group behind last year’s risible “He for She” campaign, called on governments to use their “licensing prerogative” to ensure that “telecoms and search engines” are only “allowed to connect with the public” if they “supervise content and its dissemination.”

In other words, if search engines and ISPs don’t comply with a list of the UN’s censorship demands, the UN wants national governments to cut off their access to the public.

The report puts it in an oh-so-responsible manner, but, at the end of the day, this is about government control of thought. Yes, credible threats should be taken seriously, and should be reported. These are very rare, though. And, should apply to all. This is like the #BlackLivesMatter crew, who get very upset when anyone says #AllLivesMatter. They aren’t worried about anyone but themselves.

Let’s face it: many women invite abuse on the Internet in the same manner many men do. “As the ancient Tibetan Philosophy states “Don’t start none, won’t be none!””

It is interesting that in a world being pushed far to the Left, this type of “cyber-bullying”, in quotations because it isn’t actually the real type of cyber-bullying, has seemingly become more prevalent. Liberals kept telling us that there was nothing wrong with performing in pornography, that the actresses were “sex workers”, and worthy of respect, then they got really upset that people watched porn and masturbated to it. In the same way, they enable the wild and out-of-control (seriously, which political persuasion is mostly teaching kids?) Internet, then get upset when people are wild and out-of-control?

You’d think UN Women would have more pressing concerns than porn, video games, and “cyber violence.” After all, Saudi Arabia, a country with a real violence against women problem, was recently selected to chair a key human rights panel elsewhere in the sprawling UN ecosystem. But ethical priorities don’t seem to be the UN’s strong suit.

It can be pointless and pedantic to play what some of us call “Oppression Olympics,” but in this case the discrepancy between this UN group’s complaints and the real suffering of women is too great to ignore. In a world afflicted by female genital mutilation, forced marriages and acid attacks on girls whose only crime is wanting an education, the UN has chosen to focus on the professional whinging of privileged and mendacious western activists.

However, if you point this out you will be deemed anti-women, misogynistic, part of the patriarchy, etc and so on.

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  1. John says:

    Conservatives have always been anti sex
    Remember all the states that still forbid dildos from being sold? All red
    Remember that red state Texas. Had until 3 years ago a GOP party platform trying to make sodomy a felony again ?

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