Friday Fun: What’s The Dumbest Way You’ve Hurt Yourself?

The Chive is running a pictorial on the dumbest way you’ve hurt yourself (I’m sure swiped from another site), and this I can relate to. I rarely get sick, I’m not a klutz, I don’t take stupid risks, but, I do manage to hurt myself in imaginative ways.

Let’s see, there was the time I thought I broke my leg “going over the falls,” which is when you decide not to take a wave and sit up, whereby the wave is now dragging you by the legs. Landed on the skeg hard enough to break it off, had such a huge knot on my leg I didn’t know I was also cut. Still went out surfing the next day with a backup board and a lot of stretching.

But, that’s more of an accident. How about when I broke my big toe and chipped it slipping on paper towels on the carpet while wearing socks?

Accidently leaned into pipe between engine and exhaust pipe on moped, very bad burn?

Nearly broke my elbow when I decided to vacuum the filter vent while replacing the filter. Was going to kneel on a barstool. Missed it by half an inch, had a portable vacuum in one hand, slide open laundry doors on left. All weight landed on left arm. Sprained for weeks.

Oh, I know, there was the time I was unlocking my Trans Am trunk, turned my head, and knocked myself out. Well, technically, blame the girlfriend who asked my a question causing me to turn my head.

I once gave myself massive carpel tunnel in two fingets after working on a graphic on laptop pad.

I’m definitely accident prone, but most are really unforced errors. Consider, though, the time I sat on the beach all day with some friends, reading and napping, since no waves. Was so badly sunburned, even though just at Easter time, that I turned purple. No lie. That competes for dumbest with what I refer to as the attack of the moving barstool.

What ya got?

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One Response to “Friday Fun: What’s The Dumbest Way You’ve Hurt Yourself?”

  1. My brother ran me over with his bike when I was 5 and I got a concussion. Then there was the time a few years ago on Christmas we took the kids ice skating. I turned to make sure my younger son was ok and I fell and broke my wrist. Oh and another time unloading groceries from the back of my SUV. It was raining so I was rushing and pulled the door down onto my head. That was probably the dumbest. My ears are still ringing.

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