SJWs Upset Leftist ESPN Showed “Sexist” Sign While Expressing Disagreement

ESPN, long a hotbed of liberal ideas, which, is fine, they’re entitled to their opinions, started broadcasting those political views years back, mixing them with the reason people tune in, ie, sports. Well, they have a wee bit of a problems Saturday

(CNN) ESPN is drawing criticism for a fan picture on its social media accounts that some say is sexist.

The picture, taken outside the University of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday, shows a Crimson Tide fan holding a sign directed at opponents University of Mississippi.

Here’s what it looks like (I’m shocked they didn’t take it down)

There are actually quite a few trashtalk signs highlighted by ESPN

Anchor Rece Davis and analyst Kirk Herbstreit rebuked the image as it flashed on the screen during the broadcast among other fan zone shots.

“I can’t condone that type of behavior,” Davis said.

“That is unacceptable,” Herbstreit said.

So, they saw, they condemned, both on-air and on Twitter. But, they dared actually highlight to condemn!

As one Twitter user said, “Utterly classless and embarrassing to feature this sign. What does this say about your brand? Integrity?”

“You guys really shouldn’t perpetuate this garbage. Sets a bad example. I get it, it’s a rivalry. Little inappropriate though,” another said.

Of all the Social Justice Warrior replies in the Tweet link, excoriating ESPN for daring to highlight a sign and saying “no, stop!”, this is possibly my favorite

Seriously, this SJW wants College Game Day to delete their account, while posting the same exact photo. Perhaps she should delete her account?

And, yeah, tons of reply tweets are highlighting that they are Offended, and magnifying this simple trash-talk sign by around a million percent.

Anyhow, in SJW World, SJWs can apparently not show what they are condemning anymore, otherwise this causes Offense. Have we reached peek SJW?

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5 Responses to “SJWs Upset Leftist ESPN Showed “Sexist” Sign While Expressing Disagreement”

  1. Dana says:

    Thing is, Ole Miss got their revenge for the sign, beating Alabama 43-37.

  2. John says:

    ESPN !! Another icon falls to the victorious left
    WaLMart has stopped selling “modern sporting rifles” ( AR-15s and AK 47 clones)
    NASCAR says no more pro slavery Battle Flags
    The cons haven’t had a real victory since the Supremes gave corporations personhood and THAT led to the GOP clown car filling up with the cast we see today

  3. jl says:

    “ESPN….” If you call victorious acting like delicate little doilies needing a fainting couch, well then I’d have to say your right, though I wouldn’t broadcast it if I were you. And tell me, how did Citizens United lead to the current crop of GOP prospects and not Pantsuit and Mr. Socialist? People want to run for President, they run.

  4. Deserttrek says:

    murder the unborn and abuse the living that is just fine with the j’s and the sjw’s …. a sign and their little winkies get all twitchy

  5. Jeffery says:


    I thought the sign was funny, although inappropriate.

    One cannot “murder” the unborn. You yourself don’t even believe that abortion is “murder” or you’d do something about it, instead of commenting on a conservablog about other men’s “winkies”. Anyway, your wife loves our twitchy winkies.

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