Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause Severe Psychological Problems Or Something

The latest unhinged scary fable, this one from Soros funded Think Progress

This Is Your Brain On Climate Change

We spend vast amounts of time and personal energy trying to calculate the most urgent threats posed by climate change. Washington, D.C. psychiatrist and climate activist Lise Van Susteren, however, says the most insidious danger may already be upon us. She’s not talking about heat, drought, floods, severe storms, or rising seas. She’s focused on the psychological risks posed by global warming.

Van Susteren has co-authored a report on the psychological effects of climate change that predicts Americans will suffer “depressive and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, suicides, and widespread outbreaks of violence,” in the face of rising temperatures, extreme weather, and scarce resources. Van Susteren and her co-author Kevin Coyle write that counselors and first responders “are not even close to being prepared to handle the scale and intensity of impacts that will arise from the harsher conditions and disasters that global warming will unleash.”

Strange. We had all those things prior to CO2 going above 350ppm. And, it’s not like all the doomy prognostications of future doom aren’t causing issues with Believers and kids now, as the Cult of Climastrology trots out their scary fables.

Those who do acknowledge the problem face a different set of issues, particularly those who work on the problem. Lisa Van Susteren coined the term “pre-traumatic stress disorder” to describe the grief, anger, and anxiety clinging to the scientists and advocates whose job it is to gaze into a future that can look increasingly bleak.

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3 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause Severe Psychological Problems Or Something”

  1. jl says:

    It obviously already is on alarmist cult members.

  2. Dana says:

    For once, the warmists are right: it has induced some sort of psychological problems in them!

  3. captainfish says:

    believing that man can affect our global climate is a sign that the believer suffers from massive psychosis. Or, is a fan of fascism.

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