McConnell To Hold Second Vote On Iran Deal

Last week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to hold a vote on a measure of disapproval for the Iran deal, which failed, as all but 4 Democrats voted to refuse to allow that vote to proceed. McConnell promised that he would hold another vote, and it looks like that is happening today

(AP) Senate Republicans will try a second time on Tuesday to move ahead on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal, and the outcome is expected to be the same: Democrats are poised to block the measure and preserve President Barack Obama’s foreign policy win.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has scheduled another vote Tuesday to end debate, but that motion is likely to be blocked by Senate Democrats as well. It’s unclear if this is the last vote the Republican-led Senate will take on the Iran nuclear deal.

Republicans now are working to craft new sanctions legislation to maintain a hardline stance against Iran. Looking ahead to next year’s elections, Republican campaign committees also have targeted Democrats who backed the deal and some organizations against the deal already have threatened to withdraw political contributions from members of Congress who backed it.

We can thank Senator Corker and feckless Republicans for setting up this situation, where, instead of the norm, where they would have to vote to approve the deal, now they have to vote to disapprove it. What did they think they would accomplish with that Corker bill? Did they think they could punk Obama and the Democrats, forcing them to vote for the Iran deal, and then have Obama veto it? Perhaps the Democrats, in voting for the Corker bill, claiming it was very important to have this debate and vote, punked McConnell.

McConnell should force actual debate on the Senate floor, rather than just attempting to get a proper vote. Put Democrats on record. See who will take the floor for this deal.

Hopefully, McConnell has a plan in taking this second vote. Perhaps, after Democrats block moving to a full vote, he will implement the nuclear option, requiring just a simple majority in order to end debate (not that there really was any last week) to move to a yes/no vote on the Iran bill.

Better yet, he should force actual debate, then, cancel any vote, saying that Mr. Obama is in violation of the Corker amendment, which Obama signed, since Obama has not submitted all the necessary material, including side deals and letters to foreign governments, as required by the Corker bill. Henceforth, the consideration period cannot start, so no sanctions can be lifted, as least involving American companies/holdings.

More than likely, McConnell will simply hold this vote, get blocked by Democrats, and then drop the subject. That’s his MO. He likes to talk tough, then surrender.

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