Kate Steinle’s Family Set To File Lawsuit Over Daughter’s Murder By Illegal Alien

There are rumors that the City of San Francisco will also be sued

(ABC7) The family of Kate Steinle is on the verge of filing a lawsuit over her murder. The young woman was shot and killed at San Francisco’s Pier 14 last month. Among those named in the lawsuit will be San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

The multi-faceted claim will be filed Tuesday morning against Mirkarimi, who released the accused killer Francisco Lopez Sanchez from his jail. The suit also names the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The gun Sanchez is accused of using was stolen from a BLM agent’s car. The family is also suing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE

There’s a press conference scheduled for 11am

The grief-stricken mother of Steinle, Liz Sullivan, spoke with ABC7 News about how the family is dealing with their loss.

“Sometimes we’re together and then sometimes we’re falling apart at the seams,” Sullivan said.

Those who support illegal aliens forget that there are very real people suffering because of the actions of some illegals. They don’t seem to care about the tragedies caused by illegal aliens and those who coddle them, even look away from them, protect them.

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2 Responses to “Kate Steinle’s Family Set To File Lawsuit Over Daughter’s Murder By Illegal Alien”

  1. […] Kate Steinle’s family is suing the San Francisco Sheriff, the Bureau of Land Management, and ICE over her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported five times. He found sanctuary in San Francisco, and used a gun stolen from a BLM agent’s car. The Steinle’s aren’t suing out of greed, they just want people to be held responsible after Kate was failed by the system. […]

  2. Dana says:

    The left are aghast, appalled and offended that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is refusing to do her duty, by declining to issue any marriage licenses, because she believes that same-sex “marriage” is offensive and unGodly.

    Where, I have to wonder, are those same leftists when it comes to “sanctuary cities” like San Francisco not doing their jobs, picking and choosing which laws to obey, and which ones not to obey, including those laws requiring turning over illegal immigrants caught by law enforcement to ICE?

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