Good News: Capitalism Threatens All Life On Earth, ‘Cause Climate Change

If it seems that, lately, more and more Cult of Climastrology members are willingly exposing many of their true Beliefs, especially as it relates to economic activity, and, specifically, capitalism, you’d be right. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the Communists and Socialists put their energy into the environmental movement. They’ve been joined by the Progressives (nice fascists), all of who are now CoC members, elevating “climate change” (remember, they are saying that all changes in the climate, all weather events, are now mostly/solely caused by Mankind) over any real environmental issues, and using this as a way to destroy capitalism

Capitalism Threatens All Life on the Planet
Interview with Professor Guy McPherson

Tomorrow you will wake up and may well have a hot shower to start your day. Then you will go to your kitchen and use a variety of electrical devices to prepare breakfast. If you are lucky enough to have a job, then you will travel to work in a car or use public transport. All of this activity requires the use of finite energy resources while producing varying amounts of carbon dioxide. According to the people at the World Wildlife Fund I alone need 2.19 planets to sustain my lifestyle.

The unsustainable lifestyle that people lead is based upon the ever increasing consumption of finite resources which is destroying the natural world at an increasing rate of knots. The extinction of 200 species a day is just one manifestation of how capitalism and the industrial civilization it has spawned is killing the planet.

Critics may well say why are you so pessimistic? All we need to do is improve energy conservation and introduce renewable energy sources on a mass scale and everything will be fine and we can keep on enjoying our turbo consumerist lifestyle. Tim Garrett an associate professor of climate sciences at Utah University, has exposed this belief as nothing short of wishful thinking:

“Making civilization more energy efficient simply allows it to grow faster and consume more energy,” says Garrett. “I’m just saying it’s not really possible to conserve energy in a meaningful way because the current rate of energy consumption is determined by the unchangeable past of economic production. If it feels good to conserve energy, that is fine, but there shouldn’t be any pretense that it will make a difference.”

Professor Garrett makes the controversial point that carbon dioxide emissions, which are a major cause of runaway climate change, can only be stabilized by a complete collapse of the global industrial economy or society builds the equivalent of one nuclear reactor per day.

You get the point: these people loathe capitalism (which allowed them to build a website called Dissident Voice, tell us that the content is copy-writed, and pimp books on the sidebar that are published thanks to capitalism, and certainly all written on computers that were produced thanks to capitalism), much like a goodly chunk of Warmists also loathe it (and they’re happy to tell us on their smarphones while sipping lattes in their expensive clothes). They want to see the end of capitalism, and using “climate change” is just one of their vessels. What they want is a command economy run by The Government. Failing to realize that this will significantly effect their own lives, to their own detriment.

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3 Responses to “Good News: Capitalism Threatens All Life On Earth, ‘Cause Climate Change”

  1. Michael says:

    It has been said by a former KGB agent that once a society has been “normalized” and communism takes over, that the ones who usher it in ignorantly suddenly wake up to realize the error if their ways but unfortunately are the first to be crushed by the communist boot as they are the loudest opponents.

    It was a very interesting interview I watched.

    The sad reality is most of these warmist have no clue what they are saying…. They are taught this garbage and once they get older and start asking questions, they wake up and realize the bullshit they have been spoon fed by con artists.

  2. Dana says:

    How you can tell idiocy when you read it. Our esteemed host quoted:

    According to the people at the World Wildlife Fund I alone need 2.19 planets to sustain my lifestyle.

    2.19 planets? Planets? Even Archbishop Jeffrey of the Church of Climatastrophe wouldn’t write anything that dumb!

    Think about that: assuming that the learned professor is limiting his statement to Western society, with roughly a billion people between North America and Europe, all using roughly the same resources — including the Archbishop! — why we need 2,190,000,000 (or so) entire planets to support our lives.

    I wonder: do they all have to be human-habitable planets, or can Jupiter, with enough volume to hold 1,321.3 earths, help to contribute?

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    Blah…blah…blah….were all going to die because corporations routinely rape the earth for profits.

    How can we put pressure on them to stop raping the earth…I know lets claim that an essential building block of our planet is evil and that these corporations use this to excess….

    Blah….blah….blah…corporations must go. Fossil fuels must go….

    Its the same BS day after day after day.

    Altered science, cooked books, reworking of data, error in charting, failure to even use a 10th of all available data to reach conclusions.

    But the science is settled…..Corporations and business is EVIL….only a COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT CAN FORCE THE PEOPLE TO BEND TO THE WILL OF THE COLLECTIVE>………

    blah…blah….blah……..unfortunately these whackos are serious in their efforts to utterly destroy civilization as we know it, committ genocide to reduce planetary populations in order to save the planet.

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