UK Guardian Explodes Hotcoldwetdry Myths

And create a few of their own

Climate change: the big myths that need to be exploded

In the distant past, temperatures were far warmer than even the most extreme warming scenarios predicted by the end of the century. Fifty million years ago, during the Eocene, it was on average 10C hotter than today. Forests stretched from pole to pole, the Arctic was inhabited by alligators and squirrel-like primates, and palm trees grew in what is now Alaska.

However, after exploding that myth

Unlike the current warming trend, though, most natural warm periods in the past developed over thousands, if not millions, of years. “It’s not how much the temperature has gone up – that’s only around 1C over the past 100 years,” says professor Adam Scaife of the Met Office. “What’s unprecedented is the rate of change.”

There is no hard evidence to prove that. In fact, it seems that most of the flips in climate during the Holocene have come on rather fast. It did not take thousands of years for the Little Ice Age to develop, nor thousands for the Medieval Warm Period to develop. Nor the other warm periods, such as the Roman Warm Period. Both of which were warmer than today.

The floods that gripped Britain in the winter of 2013-14 led to a stronger public belief in human-induced climate change. The storms marked the wettest December to January period since 1876. But some years will always be hotter, wetter or stormier than others.

I really didn’t expect the Guardian to explode that myth.

Scientists disagree about how much warming there has been in the past century, how much there will be in the future and what the environmental impacts might be. The fundamental idea that the world is getting hotter due to human activity is not seriously disputed, however.

Who’s pushing that one? Of course, consensus is not science, it’s politics

A survey of the peer-reviewed literature shows that more than 97% of published work supports the idea that warming trends are linked to human activity. After investigating, scientists also found no evidence that papers with a sceptical slant were being systematically rejected by journals.

Ah. Of course, the myth of that 97% has been proven time and time again.

They fail to mention that human caused climate change is mostly a myth, too.

More: Jo Nova digs deep into each myth, well worth the read.

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6 Responses to “UK Guardian Explodes Hotcoldwetdry Myths”

  1. Jeffery says:

    re: WT’s concern about rate of change.

    From the “peak” of the so-called MWP to the nadir of the so-called LIA, the mean global temperature dropped less than 0.4C and it took 1000 years (-0.04C/100 years).

    The Earth has warmed 0.8C in the past 100 years. So the Earth is warming now 20 times faster than it cooled to yield the LIA.

    The MWP was a 0.1C warming that took place over 250 years (0.04C/100 years). The current warming is occurring 20X times more rapidly than the MWP.

    Clearly the rate of warming in the current global warming (Anthropogenic Warm Period or AWP) is likely unprecedented in the Holocene.

    There is absolutely no evidence that the so-called RWP or MWP warm periods were warmer than today. In fact, it’s highly unlikely they were even nearly as warm as today (probably some 0.4C cooler than now). You have to go back some 5000 to 6000 years to find a period in the Holocene as warm as now. In addition, the Earth continues to warm with little to suggest it will stop soon. The AWP is driving us right out of the Holocene!

    The evidence supporting a link between warming and severe weather is tenuous.

    Science is always about consensus. Not every scientist measures ocean pH at 1000 locations to conclude the pH is dropping. They trust the 100s of scientists who DO make those measurements. If you ask 100 scientists if the pH is decreasing 97 will say yes. Consensus. What contrarians are saying is that they do not believe the overwhelming data supporting global warming. The theory of gravity has never been “proven”. If you ask 100 if gravity exists, at least 97 will say yes. Consensus. Science builds on and extends the work of others. It makes no sense to continually test and retest every hypothesis hoping for a different result.

    And no, the so-called 97% myth has not been proven wrong.

    The Earth is warming. The Earth is warming from the CO2 humans are adding to the atmosphere. At least 97% of scientists agree with those conclusions.

  2. david7134 says:

    I am a scientist. I associate with a large number of scientist. So I guess that the 3% of scientist that think this is the second biggest fraud in history live in my area. The first largest fraud was that dealing with cholesterol which is an exact parallel to this trash. Now we know that cholesterol does nothing after 50 years of 100% support in medical lit. The truth is, as stated by the peers themselves, is that they will not allow a negative paper to be published and if you submit one it is the end of your academic career.

  3. JGlanton says:

    Looks like Jeffery is pulling everything that he says out of his arse. Again.

    I’ll pick just one of his BS statements because life is short and I still need to get outdoors for some exercise.

    No evidence that the MWP was warmer than today????? Are you joking???

    Data is available from the Medieval Warm Period Project where there were at last count 765 different scientists from 453 research institutes listed that have worked on the medieval warm period and the preponderance of them show that the MWP was as warm or warmer than today.

    Here is a list of about 40 peer reviewed papers that support that MWP was as warm or warmer than today:

  4. Jeffery says:

    You supplied lists of citations from two Denier blogs.

    None of the citations on the so-called Roman Warm Period support you contention.

    I read the first ten or so abstracts on the MWP. Two could not be accessed. One said it was warmer in the Henan province of China then, than in 1994. Another claimed the Sargasso Sea may have been 1C warmer in 1996 than now. The others did not address the topic.

    Can you show me any single (or a few), readable citation that demonstrates that the mean global surface temperature was higher during the MWP than now? Obviously this will require that someone conduct a temperature reconstruction using as much available global data they can find.

  5. Conservative Beaner says:

    These clowns who claim that science is settled remind me of the bad guys on the old movies and shows such as James Bond and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. Bond battled (SPECTRE) Special Executive for Coercion Terrorism Revenge and Extortion. UNCLE battled (THRUSH) Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity.

    The bad guys share a purpose of undermining governments and controlling people and todays group you can call GREEN.

    GREEN, Goons Restricting Everyone’s Energy Now. What better way to destroy governments and denying people prosperity by curtailing energy use under devious means. The world is cooling, no wait the world is warming. No it is climate change and you humans are the root cause, bull.

    Of course those at the top of GREEN such as Obama, Gore and Tom Steyer who made their money are quick to put restrictions on everyone else.

    As Patrick McGoohan would ask on the Prisoner, Who is Number 1.

  6. Hank_M says:

    As far as hotcoldwetdry myths are concerned, the data is more than suspect.

    One person recently found out that the NOAA has been revising data to support their contention of global warming.


    Not really surprising being that Global warming hysteria is a 27 Billion dollar gravy train here in the US.

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