Warmists: Let’s Rename It “Climate Ruin”

My suggestion would be for Warmists to practice what they preach, showing that they really believe the mule fritters they’re pushing. Silly me

Climate Ruin vs. Climate Change

“I thought I liked that the USA is now number one in oil and gas, but hey, I don’t want to ruin the climate….”

That’s the reaction we will get when we rebrand from “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” to “Climate Ruin.”

“Global Warming” sounds like a nice respite on a cold winter’s evening.

“Climate Change” is the lukewarm term that rightwing spin maestro Frank Luntz understood would water down concerns about the warming of the planet, as first exposed by Oliver Burkeman in the Guardian,  and Luntz succeeded in making it stick.

What needs to be done?

The terms “Climate Change” or “Global Warming,” or even “Climate Crisis” or “Climate Disruption” do not conjure the urgency to get up and go do something about it.

The term “Climate Ruin” is much closer to the truth, and much more effective.

If it’s so urgent, why do Cult of Climastrology members refuse to change their own lives?

It is sad but true that continuing on our current path with business conducted as usual will ruin the lives of your kids because their climate will be ruined. That message has the kind of impact we need to win this fight.

The term “Climate Ruin” delivers that message. Let’s rebrand now.

Warmists are realizing that their cult is dying. And are unable to actually provide verifiable, replicatable science.

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5 Responses to “Warmists: Let’s Rename It “Climate Ruin””

  1. Jeffery says:

    If it’s so urgent, why do [climate realists] refuse to change their own lives?

    How do you know they haven’t changed their own lives?

    Warmists are realizing that their cult is dying.

    It’s always projection. The Cult of Denialism is slowly being crushed by evidence.

  2. jl says:

    First, they have to come up with what it is that’s being “ruined”. Then, would have to prove what’s doing the alleged ruining. Miles and miles to go.

  3. john says:

    After going through an extremely cold winter on the East Coast ( where most americans choose to live) the percentage of people who don’t believe in AGW comes in at 41% in Gallup’s last poll
    Scientists have known since the late 1800s that CO2 traps infrared radiation Margaret Thatcher warned about it extensively even spaeaking at the UN solely on that subject, yes that was when your “Lord” Monckton claimed to be her science advisor
    Of course that figure applies only to the USA where 100s of millions have been given to climate truthers.
    Teach of course you believ in His “pause” do you also believe that his quack cure curse multiple sclerosis and AIDS? because he also makes those claims

  4. john says:

    Dying out ?
    In the HOT CHICKS demographic 18-29 Teach only 10% are skeptical about Global Climate Change
    10% http://content.gallup.com/origin/gallupinc/GallupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/g7kinsiwiuwcxecthk5zew.png
    That’s pretty sadz Teach when only 10% agree with you on reality

  5. john says:

    So according to your logic Teach since Bush, Cheney, et al were not themselves in Iraq fighting Saddam no one should have listened to any of their arguments for war?

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