NFIB: “We’ll observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law”

Sadly, Earth Day has shifted from caring about real environmental issues…clean air, clean land, clean waters…to the idiocy of “climate change”. Cult of Climastrology member John Kerry (who owns multiple fossil fueled vehicles, several McMansions, and takes lots of fossil fueled flights) links the two in an opinion piece at USA Today. But, not all are happy campers in following the CoC

(MRC) “We’ll observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law,” the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), which represents 350,000 small and independent business owners, said today. “The President could do something meaningful tomorrow by sending the Waters Rule back to the EPA to be analyzed for its impact on small businesses,” said NFIB Senior Manager of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch.

The EPA recently submitted to the White House its final rule expanding the Clean Water Act, adopted by Congress three decades ago to protect navigable waterways like rivers and bays.  Under the rule, the agency could have jurisdiction over virtually any water no matter how local, including backyard streams, farmers’ ponds and even creek beds and depressions that are only wet for a few days a year.

Regulatory agencies are supposed to assess how new rules will affect small businesses.  In this case, however, the EPA bypassed that step, arguing that the new rule is merely a definitional change and does not, therefore, require a small business impact study.

The EPA rules, like so many other Big Government rules, are designed to give the Central Government, and, in this case the EPA, more and more Power over the lives of Americans and private entities, regardless of any negative impacts.

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5 Responses to “NFIB: “We’ll observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law””

  1. john says:

    only about 6% of American businesses choose to belong to NFIB
    Teach is still upset that the EPA took the lead out of his gasoline and made him stop using incandescent bulbs
    And coal, EPA hates that coal !!

  2. Thursday morning links

    Pic: Earth Day celebration in Chile, via Gateway NFIB: “We’ll observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law” It’s Official: Employee Wellness Is a Total “Scam” Harvard’s wacky campus-sex survey Gender identification based on genitalia is the

  3. Jeffery says:

    n-FIB does not represent small businesses but is actually anti-small business. It’s a $100 million a year lobbying group funded by the usual suspects, Koch, Rove etc. They represent the interests of their donors, few of whom are small businesses. They use the image of small businesses because to admit they promote the interests of Koch industries would look bad.

    Here’s the EPA mission statement:

    EPA’s purpose is to ensure that all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn and work.

    Nothing about taking over America, taking guns, eliminating beef, taking away your gas and light bulbs.

  4. ruralcounsel says:

    As a previous member of NFIB, I think I can safely say the reason so few small businesses belong is it’s pricey and doesn’t do much at the local level … which is where most small businesses make or break it. When money is tight (and it usually is for small businesses) it isn’t the first place you’d think to spend.

    As for Jeffery’s comment, he’s full of shit. As usual, I suspect. Bet he’s never been involved with them. Ignorance is a key cause of the kind of rosey whitewash he gives them. The EPA is the tool by which the ruler elites are prying our resources out the hands of the rightful owners by distorting markets through idiotic utopian regulation. Think of it as market manipulation. They’ve become nothing but a governmental gang, looking to rough up anyone who voices a dissenting point of view to the “Official Truth”. Their science has usually been rather half-assed and biased. THey are first and foremost an ideological agency, science is just something they sorta do when it suits them to accomplish a political goal.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Perhaps you wanted to supply supporting evidence for your extreme opinions and just forgot.

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