Warmists Come Up With New “Disease” Name For Skeptics

Brought to you by people who use vast amounts of extreme weather causing energy and fossil fuels

(Yahoo News) Even though a majority of scientists have determined that climate change is mostly caused by humans, just half the nation sees it that way. Some call those nonbelievers climate change deniers, but the comedy writers at Funny or Die have a far more serious name for it: climate change denial disorder, or CCDC, as it’s called in a pharmaceutical-commercial parody released this week.

Oh noes, I’m devastated by that slur!!!!!1!!

If left untreated, the fictional disease could destroy the planet. An animated graphic in the video shows how CCDC cripples its host: The disease attacks neurons in the brain, making it impossible to grasp the meaning of words such as “science,” “factual,” and “melting.” An example of a statement CCDC sufferers might not comprehend: The ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate, according to new maps produced by German researchers.

Other symptoms of the disease: delusion, arrogance, and a general misunderstanding of basic scientific findings. Who might suffer from it? About 56 percent of congressional Republicans, according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s analysis of members of Congress who deny or question the science behind climate change.

I’m like totally convinced now, and will change from believing that Mankind only plays a small part in global warming to believing that Man is mostly/solely responsible. I will go out and tell Other People that they must change their lives, particularly by Government rule, while I run around in my fossil fueled vehicle and increase my carbon footprint.

Of course, this is all about shaming and more “spreading awareness”, because the Cult of Climastrology has a really hard time showing their actual science, a “science” which thinks that computer models are vastly more important than actual real world data.

BTW, since the article failed to provide a link to the silly video, it is here.

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5 Responses to “Warmists Come Up With New “Disease” Name For Skeptics”

  1. JohnAllen says:

    Really hope its not related to the ACDC thing!

  2. JGlanton says:

    It sounds like we need the Social Justice Warriors to protect us climate atheists from the continual microaggressions of the white climastrology overlords.

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  4. john says:

    Teach you are so deep in that river you can not even bear to correctly give the initials of that disease.
    It is CCDD Climate Change Denial Disorder. SAY IT It will be the first step
    And yes only 50% of Americans believe that the climate is changing because of AGW but you forgot to mention that only 18% are sure that it is entirely natural.
    Now back to that illness the good news is that i can and is being cured. That percent the 18% is being lowered every day, unfortunately because of DEATH
    Yes many of those people in the 18% hard core are really old and are just coming to the end of their lives. Whereas the people in the age group most pictured on your blog the 18-35 well they are healthy and show few symptoms of CCDD

  5. Jeffery says:

    Yet, 97% of science says that human activity has caused the significant rapid warming of Earth. 98% of WUWT readers believes in magic and insist it’s all natural variation.

    My grandchildren are in for a world of hurt because of you and your fellow CoC suckers magical thinking.

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