Say, Will Hotcoldwetdry Give Us The Blues?

The Cult of Climastrology has now linked music with their cultish beliefs, attempting to ruin it

(The Local) Climate change is predicted to intrude into almost every area of life – from where we live, to what we eat and whom we war with. Now music can be added to the list.

That’s the unusual idea put forward by British researchers at a conference in Vienna, who say the weather has powerfully but discreetly influenced the soundtrack to our lives.

And tastes in songs are likely to change as the climate shifts.

Fancy listening to the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun” when you are grinding out yet another long, sweaty heat wave?

“These assumptions we have about certain weather being good and certain weather being bad, like sun being good — that might change,” researcher Karen Aplin of the University of Oxford told AFP at a European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna. (snip)

Aplin and five other scientists combed through databases of more than 15,000 pop songs, finding statistical backing for the assumption that our moods are strongly swayed by the weather. (snip)

“What we found about pop music was that the lyrics can be used very clearly to link the weather to a particular emotion, and usually the sun is positive and rain is negative,” said Aplin.

Interestingly, so many of the songs occurred during a time (40’s-70’s) when there was a concern of a coming ice age. Weird, eh? Anyhow, they can’t just be songs about stuff, where even songs about love are kinda like the weather, they are like totally linked to “climate change”

Based on present carbon emission trends, say climate scientists, worsening droughts, floods and storms as well as rising seas are waiting for us a few decades from now.

“Under climate change, the type of weather people are influenced by to write might change,” said Aplin.

“You might find more songs about severe weather because that is more part of people’s live, or a backdrop to their lives, than the weather we have now.”

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One Response to “Say, Will Hotcoldwetdry Give Us The Blues?”

  1. john says:

    Science in peer reviewed literature did not think that there would be a new ice age.
    Pop mags like Newsweek did.
    Please stop confusing popular culture with science.
    And speaking of ice ages whatever happened to that global cooling that was supposed to begin in 2012?
    We you be reporting on the new state of the climate when the next monthly report is issued ?Looks like another record breaking year for heat on the surface of our planet !!!

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