Warmists Confesses He’s A Climahypocrite, And He’s A-OK With That

I’ve been seeing a low level push recently whereby Warmists are finding excuses to by hypocrites, and finding acceptance for being hypocrites. Here’s Peterson Tucsano at the Huffington Post

I Confess: I Am a Climate Change Hypocrite

Anyone engaged in climate action runs into pushback from people not ready or willing to hear about our carbon pollution crisis. Climate action detractors love to accuse climate action figures of hypocrisy. “Here you are blabbing about climate change while using fossil fuels all the time.” Those trying to interrupt the conversation level this charge against individuals and whole institutions. “You fight global warming by flying all over the world. How much CO2 did you people spew just to attend that climate summit?” We hear the message loud and clear–we have no authority to talk about climate change and carbon pollution because we are nothing but hypocrites.

The reality is I am a hypocrite. My life is completely infused with greenhouse gases and fossil fuel pollution. No matter how I try to untether myself from the system–abstaining from air travel in North America and buying carbon offset when I visit family in South Africa, changing all the lightbulbs in our house and hang drying clothes in the attic, walking or biking instead of driving–still I am responsible for over 13 tons of carbon pollution every year simply because I live in the USA. According to the World Bank, the average American is responsible for 17.6 tons of carbon pollution each year, while the world average per person is 5 tons. Why is this?

Then we get to

And even if I did my utmost to purge my life of products, hobbies, and activities that depend on fossil fuels, it would be absolutely futile in making a difference in reducing global rates of greenhouse gas emissions. It would not even a drop in the bucket; it would be a molecule of H2O in the Atlantic Ocean. Too little, too late.

But, what if all Warmists practiced what they preached? Ever thought of that?

And why should I the individual consumer make all the hard choices? Sure I am responsible for my actions, but I have virtually no control over the fossil fuel lifestyle that runs my little town and my country.

You can see where this is going, right?

Perhaps that is why I stand behind ideas put forward by groups like Citizens Climate Lobby advocating for a Carbon Fee and Dividend. Place a fee on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and suddenly we will see unbelievable ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness on the part of consumers–especially governments, corporations, and agriculture, the biggest consumers of fossil fuels. Instead of using that money collected to subsidize wind and solar, give it to households to help with the rising costs of fossil fuels and products dependent on them, and see a new energy market enlivened by market demand for cheaper cleaner energy supplies. As the price rises on greenhouse gases, governments, corporations, and agribusinesses will turn away from dirty energy sources and opt for cheaper cleaner ones, not because the citizens and consumers demand it from them, but because it is too expensive to do otherwise.

That’s right, government intervention on Everyone, regardless of whether they believe.

I am tired of being a hypocrite, of profiting from destructive greenhouse gases, but our current pollution crisis is bigger than what you or I do in our homes because we cannot do enough. We need to get out of our houses, organize, and apply sustained pressure on government to change the system.

There’s a solution: don’t be. But, in Warmist World, everyone must be Forced To Comply.

Now when someone tries to deflect a serious discussion about the climate crisis we face by accusing me of hypocrisy, I reply, “Yes, I confess, I am a hypocrite. Despite my best efforts, my country and my town and its businesses are enabling me to remain one, so that is why I want to talk to you about much bigger solutions to address pollution and climate change than those I can adopt all by myself.”

See how this dovetails in nicely with the overall Progressive goals of bigger and bigger government with more and more power over our lives, while increasing taxation, cost of living, and dependency on Government?

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  1. john says:

    It is like the “chickenhawk” meme
    If you are pro war why didn’t you go yourself? Or
    Hate ISIS? Why not fly over on your own and join up with those Kurds ?

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