Republicans Look To “Push Climate Change Off Of National Security Agenda”

I say “good for them”. The Cult of Climastrology (CoC) isn’t quite as enthused

(Mashable) House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate change.

In a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday, which presents the yin to the Obama administration’s yang when it comes to spending priorities, lawmakers identified national security-related climate change research as a key area to eliminate “wasteful” spending.

“The Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, two of the most important agencies in our national security apparatus, currently spend part of their budget studying climate change,” a House Budget Committee document states.

Of course, CoC member Andrew Freedman immediately trots out the bogus link between Hotcoldwetdry and the Syrian conflict

The Republican proposal, put forward by Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price of Georgia, comes soon after a study found that global warming likely amplified a drought in Syria that preceded the devastating civil war in that country. The study, published in the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that climate change was likely one of the many factors that contributed to the deadly conflict, which has displaced millions and killed at least 200,000.

Here’s what that looks like

Apparently, climate change creates bombs and artillery shells and stuff. But, hey, this is the CoC, which will link anything and everything to their cultish beliefs. From the comments

Quick! Give the government more money and power to save us from the imminent ice-age!!!

Oops. That was a couple of decades ago. Now it’s:

Quick! Give the government more money and power to save us from global warming!!!

Different lie. Same liars.

Bingo. Meanwhile, despite the CoC trotting out all these scary stories of doom from “climate change”, they pretty much refuse to change their own lives to match their rhetoric. Strange, right? Warmist deflections in 3..2…1….

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3 Responses to “Republicans Look To “Push Climate Change Off Of National Security Agenda””

  1. JGlanton says:

    I suppose that Climate Change will remain John Kerry and his State Department’s Number One Priority. Well, that and getting a deal, any deal, with Iran, so that Kerry can run for President on that “success”. Maybe even get a Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Elections have consequences. Extremist Repubicuns told us what they would do and they’re trying to do it.

  3. TrishMac says:

    Hear hear, it’s about time.

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