Climahypocrites Reid And Whitehouse Say GOP In Denial Over Hotcoldwetdry

If I tell you that eating meat is bad, and you shouldn’t eat meat, and that government should pass laws forcing people to pay lots and lots more to buy meat, with the intention of forcing people to stop eating meat, yet I freely ate meat all the time, would I be a hypocrite and full of mule fritters? Here are Senators Reid and Whitehouse writing in the

(USA Today) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., recently condemned President Obama’s proposed standards to limit carbon pollution from big power plants — pollution that is now totally unregulated. Conspicuously missing from the majority leader’s argument was one simple, yet extraordinarily important phrase: “climate change.” Republicans in Congress have no plan to address climate change and cannot even bear to utter the words. Even worse, the majority leader wants to impose on states his irresponsible plan for congressional inaction.

It wasn’t always so. Numerous moderate Republicans advocated for addressing carbon pollution in the not so distant past. But once the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowed the fossil fuel industry to cinch its death grip on the Republican Party, any hope for bipartisan cooperation came to an abrupt end. The Republican Party in Congress has become the political arm of the fossil fuel industry.

Sigh. Citizens United whining. Fossil fuels whining. From two senators who have benefited tremendously from Citizens United, the fossil fuel industry, and take lots of fossil fueled travel.

This is followed by more whining about stuff that is entirely expected (I bet you read the excerpt in Harry Reid’s voice), ending with

As the evidence becomes clearer and clearer, and the American people move farther away from the deniers, the Republican Party must have its own day of reckoning, when it will finally again be able to address — or even mention — climate change. That day can’t come too soon.

Funny, because Harry had full control of the Senate to go with Nancy Pelosi’s control of the House to go with Obama’s control of the White House for two full years, and failed to pass any sort of legislation.

But, this is not about science, it’s about politics. Period. Just like the entire Cult of Climastrology.

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