Ready For Thirteen Steps To Stop Hotcoldwetdry?

Are you ready for them to mostly ignore Warmists practicing what they preach?

(UK Guardian) With the sustainable development goals and a climate deal coming up this year our panel say how to make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity

Let’s see those ideas, each of which comes from the different panelists

  1. Start by asking the tough questions: (things like “When we get down to the tangible elements like finance, how can we improve coherence between different funding streams, and better connect finance with countries’ sustainable development priorities?”)
  2. See climate change and poverty as two sides of the same coin: (in other words, the Cult Of Climastrology is now mixing the two, which is interesting, since Leftist policies tend to create more poverty)
  3. Fight gender inequality: (another mixing of political beliefs from people who practice neither)
  4. Recognise the conflict between economic development and the environment: (in other words, capitalism for Other People is Evil with a capital E)
  5. Don’t get distracted by geopolitics (ignore those actual dangers like war and the continued rise of Islamic extremism)
  6. Accept that this is a moral fight (but, hey, don’t worry about being moral and practicing what you preach. Also amusing because these same people are 110% for abortion on demand)
  7. Find the funding to make change a reality (more and more taxation, obviously)
  8. Look beyond 2015 (a continued push for spreading awareness. Kinda like the guy who carries a The End Is Nye! sign for 30 years)
  9. Learn from the MDGs (supposedly, they are supposed to understand why the Millennium Development Goals have failed. Like the rest of their “science”)
  10. Put trade reform on the agenda (another assault on capitalism)
  11. Focus on the root causes (that would be hardcore Progressive politics, flawed and faked data, and incompetent computer models)
  12. Beware of the dominance of the private sector (this is more hatred of capitalism, along with a push to give Government a lot more power)
  13. Let citizens lead (rather than being about “practice what you preach”, it’s really more about agitation and protests)
  14. Invest in the technology that will deliver the goals (this yammers on about inequality, which is interesting, since the way the new technologies are being developed hurts the middle and lower classes)

So, there you have it. They can’t even get the numbering correctly. The thirteen in my headline comes from the Guardian headline.

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3 Responses to “Ready For Thirteen Steps To Stop Hotcoldwetdry?”

  1. jl says:

    #15- Come up with the data to support your religious beliefs.

  2. John says:

    Teach kn my lifetime I have seen the poverty rate fall by about 50% from about 25% o where it is now
    What do you know about poverty? You attended one of the mist expensive and it it’s prep schools ion the entire USA whst you know of poverty. You have learned from whom probably Rush
    How much will vlimate change effect you personally? Probably not so much
    You have a very narcissistic view of the world

  3. I’d probably respond to John if I could understand that gibberish.

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