We’re Like Totally Getting a Taste Of What Climate Change Looks Like

And it looks cold and snowy with a hint of unhinged cult

(Central Maine) We had the first snow day at Colby College since the 1990s. I’ll take it — with a side of caution.

The recent snowstorms and Arctic-esque temperatures that have smothered the Northeast over the past few weeks are the latest in a long series of warnings Mother Nature has thrown us. Similar to when the professor hands out the essay questions the day before the exam, we are being given a taste of what the future of our climate may look like, if we continue to dance on the edge of disaster.

 photo facepalm.gif

There is a new normal for the global climate, a normal defined by unpredictable and drastic weather pattern changes. We can, however, prevent further, more severe climate change effects with stringent climate change policy that protects the Earth and its people, rather than the factories that dot landscapes across the country.

Obviously, the solutions are Big Government decrees that effect Other People, rather than adherents to the Cult Of Climastrology practicing what they preach.

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One Response to “We’re Like Totally Getting a Taste Of What Climate Change Looks Like”

  1. John says:

    The Pope has had the Vatican go all green and the U.S. Navy is also trying to reduce its carbon footprint
    If you can’t attack facts always attack the messenger
    Al Gore is fat !! And flies too much and uses too much electricity in his messaging

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