ISIS Reveals That They Really Love Gardening

They decided to take a brief break from their typical atrocities

Come for the jihad… stay for the gardening: ISIS reveals its latest recruitment tactic to tempt militants – a new garden centre to visit when they’re not murdering people

Islamic State have released their most boring and uninspiring propaganda photos on social media today, revealing gardening as one of the little known past time shared by their supporters.

The dull photos appear to be an attempt by the brutal extremist group to show an interest in the environment and other calmer activities.

The images were taken in the Iraqi province of Nineveh, home to some of the most fertile earth in the Middle East. (snip)

It appears that when they are not fighting the Kurds or dodging coalition airstrikes, residents in Islamic State enjoy pottering around their garden.

Make sure to check out all the cute photos, especially of the flowers and plants that would wilt in the Iraqi heat. But, of course, don’t look for any women

Whilst several middle aged men appear to tending to the plants, few customers are shown buying any of the plants in the nursery. As usual, not a single woman is shown in any of the photos.

I have to wonder if hardcore jihadis are afraid of women, like 4th graders at a school dance. But, hey, don’t worry, because ISIS released some other propaganda, as well

Eight dead bodies hang from a metal frame in the Iraq’s Kirkuk province in Islamic State’s latest public display of barbarity.

The gruesome images which emerged on social media show the men’s limp bodies suspended from their feet off a tall structure in the town of Hawija.

The notorious black flag used by Islamist groups like ISIS is displayed above them as horrified onlookers inspect the scene.

Speaking of that black flag, ISIS is also selling its own line of clothing for kids and babies, as well as for adults

From babywear to wedding rings, ISIS supporters have been showing off their appalling taste in fashion on social media.

Most ISIS merchandises appear to be cheaply made and poor quality, always adorned with the ISIS badge.

The uninspiring fashion pieces have been seen being worn by fighters, mothers and babies living in ISIS territory in Syria and Iraq.

Appalled yet?

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2 Responses to “ISIS Reveals That They Really Love Gardening”

  1. John says:

    ISIS was birthed and berthed in the destabilized Iraq that you cheerleaded for so loudly
    ISIS was funded by the Kuwatis who we fought for and the Saudis. Who have been BFF of conservatives
    And now you are voicing some disagreement with their and your step child?

  2. John says:

    ISIS is a very socially conservative organization

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