“Climate Change” Is Like Totally Connected To Bitter Cold And Snow

Climastrologers came up with an interesting meme, and just won’t let go

3 Connections Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather

More than 98 inches of snow has fallen in Boston this season, while workers have spent about 170,000 hours plowing the streets and distributed more than 76,000 tons of salt on roadways. At the same time, much of the American West, Rocky Mountains, and Northern and Central Plains have experienced warmer-than-average temperatures. California, in the grip of an epic drought, had its fourth-driest January ever recorded with just 15 percent of average precipitation.

So what is going on with this extreme weather, and what does it have to do with global climate change?

Due to recent analytical advancements, climate scientists are now able to more accurately determine how climate change impacts the odds of an individual extreme event occurring.

More research is planned in coming years to examine links between extreme weather and climate events and climate change, and global research already tells us a lot about the trends, including these three counterintuitive connections between climate change and extreme events:

So, what did they learn? No surprises for the Cult Of Climastrology here

  • 1. Record cold temperatures can still occur in a warming world. (Of course, this is Blamed on the “warming Arctic”)
  • 2. A warming planet can make some regions much snowier. (Of course! )
  • 3. Climate change can contribute to a double whammy of drought and extreme precipitation in the same location. (is there nothing it can’t do?)

Seriously, does this look like science or the ravings of a doomsday cult?

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6 Responses to ““Climate Change” Is Like Totally Connected To Bitter Cold And Snow”

  1. Kevin says:

    Does the phrase ‘extreme weather’ sway anyone’s opinion on climate change? It seems like only the most gullible would be caught by that phrase.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yesterday we had terribly extreme weather. It rained all day. Back in the 1800s, before global warming, it would have only rained part of the day.

  3. Does the phrase ‘extreme weather’ sway anyone’s opinion on climate change? It seems like only the most gullible would be caught by that phrase.

    Sadly, with our modern education system, there are more than enough gullible people, with more created every day.

  4. Phil Taylor says:

    It seems that AGW also causes normal weather.
    If it causes severe weather, then what caused severe weather in the past? Those same natural influences are still around and must be responsible for at least some of the servere weather. Also we must be reminded that the weather is severe by 1990 standards not 1890.

    The severe weather is inconvienet and expensive but does not theaten the extintion of life of earth like AGW proponents claimed prior to 2008.

    My “prediction” is that next year it will not be as cold and not be as snowy. Why? No el Nino influence. If the Arctic warming is to blame we should see the same next year. Let’s see.

  5. Kevin says:

    “It seems that AGW also causes normal weather.”

    Crap. This morning, the temps were normal. If what Phil is saying is true, then climate change happened today! Where can I hide my kids?

    The armageddonists just say scary stuff just to frighten, Phil. It’s best to ignore them. Extreme rain! Extreme sunlight! Extreme 5mph winds! And they’re coming from the extreme north!

  6. jl says:

    And yet still no definition of what “extreme weather” is. Thereby allowing them to say whatever happens is extreme.

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