Do You Know What The Key to Stopping “Climate Change” Is? Birth Control

Of course, when Warmists are talking about birth control, they’re mostly aiming this at 3rd world nations comprised of “minorities”, because, let’s face it, Warmists, with their Progressive leanings, are bigots and racists, love the thought of eugenics, and, let’s not forget that they really love abortion on demand, which is part of what they consider to be “birth control”

Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Curbing Climate Change

In Pakistan, where just a third of married women use contraception, half of all pregnancies – 4.2 million each year – are unintended, according to the Washington-based Population Reference Bureau.

At the same time, the rising population in Pakistan – and elsewhere around the world – is creating more climate-changing emissions and putting more people in the path of extreme weather, food and water shortages, and other climate change pressures.

That suggests that giving more women who want it access to birth control to limit their family size – in both rich and poor countries – could be a hugely effective way to curb climate change and to build greater resilience to its impacts, according to population and climate change researchers and policy experts.

Of course, don’t call this “population control”, which it is

“We’re not talking about population control. We’re talking about giving people the choice to limit their family size and all the good things that go on from that” such as better health and education, said Baroness Jennny Tonge, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health, during an event at the UK Parliament Monday on linking population and climate issues.

Huh. Looks like population control, which has long been a big thing with Progressives, and now they use “climate change” to continue pushing it.

Still, an international coalition of experts on climate change, family planning and development aid are now pushing for universal access to family planning to be recognized as a part of “climate-compatible development” and included in new U.N.-backed Sustainable Development Goals set to be agreed in September.

In other words, they want people in productive nations to pay for the birth control of people in non-productive nations.

Some countries, such as Ethiopia, already have included family planning among the activities they want to undertake on climate change, using international climate finance, according to an analysis by the London-based Population and Sustainability Network.

“They themselves identified population as a factor making it more difficult for them to adapt. We in the north are worried about, ‘Is it fair to make this connection?’ when people in the south are already making it,” said Karen Newman, coordinator of the network.

What makes it difficult is that Ethiopia is poor place to live when it comes to infrastructure, business climate, and agriculture. And a growing Islamic extremist population.

Family planning could potentially find a funding source in the Green Climate Fund, which was established as part of U.N.-led climate talks and which will later this year and early next begin its first distributions of about $10 billion in funds donated to help poor countries adapt to climate change impacts or adopt a lower-emission development path.

“Donated” is another word for “taken from taxpayers in productive nations and given to non-productive nations, referred to as “developing nations”, which never seem to develop”.

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7 Responses to “Do You Know What The Key to Stopping “Climate Change” Is? Birth Control”

  1. david7134 says:

    Now this I agree with. The liberals should save our planet by dying.

  2. Kevin says:

    Meh. The real key to stopping climate change is to build a temple to the great God Odin. That guy really likes people praising him. I’ve heard on the grapevine that in response to Icelanders building him a temple, he will put off Ragnarok for 500 years. Thanks Odin!

    Norse mythology has the same predictive powers as climatology and astrology. So don’t fret doomsayers and armageddonists. Just switch your magical thinking to mimic that of the Scandinavians and you can live your life happily!

  3. Blick says:

    warmists wish they had the balls to carry signs that say “Behead those that insult Gia.” They dream of the day they can offer Gia beating hearts ripped from the bodies of Deniers. That’s the population control they desire.

  4. bob sykes says:

    But this is already happening. In the great majority of countries, the birth rate is currently below replacement value. Populations are still growing because the demographics are skewed toward youth. By 2030, the world’s population is projected to peak at about 8 to 8.5 billion, and decline slowly thereafter. Actual declines are now occurring among all native Europeans, Iranians and Japanese, and China’s decline will begin soon.

    Problem solved–no AGW

  5. Hank_M says:

    I am always impressed by how much liberals/leftists hate their fellow man.

    In this case, the experts ought to lead by example and commit suicide. For Baroness Jennny Tonge, that accomplishes two things. It helps to show her commitment to stopping climate change and it also eliminates the white privilege she has obviously enjoyed.

  6. John says:

    And teach have you done your part by going birth control?

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