High Flying EPA Head Gina McCarthy: Doing Nothing On Climate Change Is “Scary”

Scary, you guys!

(Washington Post) Climate change predictions can be scary, and political opposition to climate action is fierce. But EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says she can’t help but be optimistic about the future.

McCarthy, speaking at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) annual meeting in Phoenix on Wednesday, struck a decidedly positive tone.

“If there is ever a challenge where the U.S. can shine and provide leadership, it is the challenge of climate change,” she said.

In her speech, McCarthy described the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan: 1) reducing carbon pollution that contributes to climate change 2) preparing communities for climate impacts and 3) leading the world in addressing climate change.

“The real danger and the real economic problem we face is not taking action,” McCarthy said.

She later goes on to say, when uber-Warmist Jason Samenow sat down with her

I don’t want people to be scared. In fact, I’m trying to make them not scared. The scary thing is doing nothing. Recognizing and acting is what will keep them safe.  I think that the fact that they’re already facing impacts has changed the dynamic considerably.  People understand that things have changed. Once you embrace the problem, the solutions are there.

Is there a need for discussion on “not wanting people to be scared”, when cult does everything they can to build fear within people? She then goes on to say in order not to be scared, action must be taken. Of course, that action includes massive increases in governmental power over people, private entities, and the economy, along with increases in the cost of living due to taxation. Those are the solutions. Strangely, the people who have “embraced the problem” mostly refuse to implement other solutions, such as reducing their own carbon footprints. Where was Gina? Phoenix, Arizona. How’d she get there? I believe we can say with 100% confidence that she took a fossil fueled automobile trip to the airport, then a fossil fueled flight to Phoenix, then a fossil fueled auto trip to the conference. All on the taxpayer dime, BTW.

As a sidebar, at least she’s not so progressive that she wants to ban all Skeptics from offering their views

When newspapers say they’ve got to have varying opinions, well then put 100 positive scientists who say climate change is happening and do half of a scientist who doesn’t believe it.  Balance isn’t giving equal weight to a few.  I need people to speak out, people to work in their own communities to make it a safer discussion to have, and make it a more productive conversation.

For her, a productive conversation is limiting those who disagree.

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6 Responses to “High Flying EPA Head Gina McCarthy: Doing Nothing On Climate Change Is “Scary””

  1. john says:

    Teach the Pope is he now part of this “cult”?
    The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA are they too part of this giant conspiracy that you believe exists?
    Margaret Thatcher warmist/not warmist?
    Roy Spencer now says 50% of the warming trend soo 50% in the cult ?

    OHH by the by did you happen to notice that your right wing hero George Zimmermen was arrested for aggravated assault ?

  2. john says:

    massive increases in control over people?/ talk about FEAR lol
    Teach in the last 5 years how much control have you lost because of the dreaded CLIMATE CHANGE !!!
    yeah no more incandescent bulbs but how else has this changed your life?
    Tell us all about your fears of the future maybe we can help you undrstand and overcome these fears.
    My first suggestion would probably be stop listening to the Rush lies.

  3. Deserttrek says:

    the woman is a dumb c**t …. global fraud to line the pockets of American and european thieves and third world dictators

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  5. Casey says:

    …I still can’t figure out why Jeffey & John don’t start their own blog, instead of trolling over here all the time. It’s not as if they ever present any sane arguments.

    Perhaps they need an audience for their 2-boy circle jerk?

  6. Jeffery says:


    And we all know how much you enjoy watching boys jerk. I comment here to correct Mr. Teach’s misinformation and disinformation. Are you against hearing truth? I try to ignore the ignorant right wing commenters here but sometimes I can’t resist mocking you.


    I heard that McCarthy called you an ignorant, mouthbreathing c**ksucker, so no wonder you’ve gone crazy. I defended you and told her you weren’t a mouthbreather. You’re welcome.

    Besides dismissing this successful woman as a c**t, do you have a critique of what she said?

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