Washington Post Very Upset That GOP Controls So Much Of State Government

And that they might look to pass Republican/Conservative policy agendas!

(WP) Legislators in the 24 states where Republicans now hold total control plan to push a series of aggressive policy initiatives in the coming year aimed at limiting the power of the federal government and rekindling the culture wars.

The unprecedented breadth of the Republican majority — the party now controls 31 governorships and 68 of 98 partisan legislative chambers — all but guarantees a new tide of conservative laws. Republicans plan to launch a fresh assault on the Common Core education standards, press abortion regulations, cut personal and corporate income taxes and take up dozens of measures challenging the power of labor unions and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Before Election Day, the GOP controlled 59 partisan legislative chambers across the country. The increase to 68 gives Republicans six more chambers than their previous record in the modern era, set after special elections in 2011 and 2012.

How horrible for Democrats! The GOP might actually propagate a Conservative legislative agenda at the state level, just like they were elected to do. At the state level, it’s quite clear that the voters have tired of the hardcore leftism that is destroying our country and states. This is also quite apparent by the number of Liberals moving out of deep Democrat states and to Republican states, due to the actual horrible results of the Democratic policies in those Democrat states.

The GOP has plans to expand right to work laws within multiple states, to join the 24 that are already right to work. Dems do not like this, because being forced to join a union is totally like freedom or something. Nor is the Washington Post, along with other Dems, happy that GOP controlled states may require abortion providers to actually have proper medical standards. And restricting late term abortion? Oh, brother, that also drives liberals nuts.

Democrats and union officials warn Republicans against going too far, just a few years after bills targeting public-sector employee unions sparked protests in Wisconsin and Ohio. “These bills have proven time and time again to decrease wages and safety standards in all workplaces,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

Huh. Interestingly, Scott Walker and virtually every targeted Wisconsin Republican survived all the challenges, sometimes multiple challenges.

Republicans also are likely to take up measures diluting the power of the EPA, which has proposed state-by-state targets for reducing carbon emissions. A dozen states have challenged proposed EPA regulations on power plants in federal court.

The EPA is, in my opinion, a good and necessary agency, however, they have severely lost their way, allowing mission creep to grow to amazing levels, along with allowing massive partisanship and activism to replace legislated duties and responsibilities. Democrats have no room to complain about properly elected State governments voting to restrict the EPA in their states, nor if a governor acts with “executive action”.

Certainly, many voters were voting against the Democratic Party, rather than for the GOP. Voters were tired of the hard-left fanaticism and agenda at the State level, and some votes were even against Obama. Now it’s time for the GOP to offer their vision.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post Very Upset That GOP Controls So Much Of State Government”

  1. john says:

    The states have legislated gerrymander districts
    I think that is wrong
    The GOP has draw voting districts that artificially create districts that they can win
    In national elections the Democrats win the popular vote
    Federal Courts are beginning to demand districts to be redrawn in Texas so that minorities (Dems) have a fair chance to be elected

  2. john says:

    don’t let them cops take your guns Teach

  3. […] Washington Post Very Upset That GOP Controls So Much Of State Government By William Teach January 3, 2015 – 7:30 am […]

  4. jl says:

    It’s not usually cops trying to take guns, it’s liberals- like yourself.

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