Anti-Police “Protesters” Release A List Of Demands

It’s great that people who have been engaged in violence, arson, threats, blocking traffic (which caused problems with emergency responses), and calling for the “dead cops” have a list of demands

(Daily Caller) There have been marches in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and elsewhere demanding “justice” of some sort — or else there would be no “peace.” They’ve been invited to meet with President Barack Obama in the White House, been praised by the Mayor of New York and countless other Democrats. But what do they want, aside from “justice”? And what exactly constitutes “justice” in the minds of those laying down in traffic and in malls has always remained nebulous, but no more – they’ve been kind enough to put their “demands” down on paper.

On fliers handed out at the New York City protest on New Year’s Eve, the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement spelled out what they “demand.”

One such demand is essentially an end to access to the court system for police officers charged with a crime:

We demand a total independent investigative body that has full and total investigative powers, and unhindered access to any scene and full access to all evidence,” they write. “This investigative body will have full prosecuting power, and the authority to mete out punishment. This agency will have the power to immediately sequester any and all officers that are involved and/or on the scene.

The full list is here. I particularly like the first demand,

1) We demand an independent all elected Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Of course they do. And who do you think will be on this board in deep Liberal areas?

4) We the people demand that any and every officer accused of misconduct, abuse of authority, or the use of excess force be suspended immediately without pay, pending the outcome of the independent investigation.

Interesting. I wonder how they would feel if we substituted “teacher” for “officer”? Anyhow, these folks seem unfamiliar with the tenants of neither the Constitution nor the criminal justice system.

13) We demand funding to establish independent community policing agencies.

Wait, what? Am I right in assuming that they want government funding to create their own community policing force, made up of the same people who rioted, looted, assaulted, arsoned, and threatened? The same people who end the “demands” with


That sounds rather threatening. Based on their actions these past months, and how the flier reads, it sounds less like “give me liberty or give me death” and more like a threat to murder.

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5 Responses to “Anti-Police “Protesters” Release A List Of Demands”

  1. john says:

    Police can not impartially investigate themselves

  2. Bob says:

    We have been too kind, too tolerant and too easy on our resident barbarians and savages for far too long.

    Being nice, overly considerate and generous has not worked. Offering special advantage has not worked. Endless backpedaling has not worked.

    Time for discipline and punishment… however and wherever needed.

  3. Jeffery says:


    Them darkies be gettin’ all riled up, ain’t they? I would have thought the tear gas, armored vehicles and body armor would have scared them off.

    And after all the good things real Americans like you, me and Teach have done for them! Free passage to the New World, free room and board in prison, gave them work picking cotton, we even let them vote starting in 1965 (up until 2013).

    All we ask in return is to let our police shoot their kids if they scare us, without the parents blaming us and complaining! They just don’t know their place, do they?

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  5. jl says:

    Surprise- J again wins the drama queen post of the week. “Let them start voting in 1965..” Actually, they got the right to vote in 1870 with the passage of the 15th amendment. And they still have the right to vote in 2013 and beyond, contrary to your hallucinations.

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