Bummer: Urban Dwellers Power Supplies At Risk From “Climate Change”

Of, course, not because the urban residents, who tend to be much more Left leaning and believe in Hotcoldwetdry, push policies which reduce the available power from old school, and reliable, methods like coal and natural gas, and tend to be anti-nuclear power, in favor of unreliable and low throughput types like wind and power, which are not ready for primetime yet. Plus, there’s not a lot of land to build wind and solar farms in urbanized areas. And cities tend to use huge gobs of power. Nope. It’s something else

Study: Climate change raises risks of power outages

With flooding already on the rise along the East Coast, a new study led by the Johns Hopkins University suggests that urban dwellers may have more to worry about from climate change than just getting their feet wet if they live near the water. People in some inland cities who think they’re safe from tropical storms could find themselves in the dark longer or more often.

In the December issue of Climatic Change, researchers suggest that increases in storm frequency, as predicted by some climate scientists, are likely to aggravate power outages in hurricane-prone areas like Miami or New Orleans. But if hurricanes become more intense, as many climate researchers expect, the study found severe outages could occur in areas that now suffer relatively few storm landfalls — such as New York, Philadelphia and Hartford, Conn.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a wonderful Christmas. The entire article and study are an exercise in prognostication and might happens, based on computer models and wishful thinking. Wishful in order to push a political doctrine and keep the money train running. Do I need to rehash exactly how the predictions for hurricanes and tropical storms have failed? That there have been no major hurricanes since 2005, breaking a record previously set during the Civil War era? That there have only been two U.S. mainland landfalling hurricanes since 2008, and one could be argued as being only a strong tropical storm? That we were told that Superstorm Sandy would be The New Normal (Warmist love that phrase, and always in capitals), yet, nothing since (and Sandy was made worse by interaction with a cold front)?

Guikema and four colleagues attempted to evaluate how much more vulnerable East and Gulf coast communities might be if climate change alters hurricanes in any way — their frequency, intensity or landfall. The researchers worked with a computer model that Guikema had developed earlier for predicting the likelihood of power outages from tropical storms. For this study, they ran a series of simulated storms through the model to see how power grid vulnerability was affected by the range of possible climate-change impacts on storm behavior.

If anything, it would seem that “climate change” is doing a good job in reducing the power of Atlantic tropical systems, and keeping them out to sea. But, Warmists need to keep the hysteria and fear mongering at the forefront, so they rely more on computer models than real world data.

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Urban Dwellers Power Supplies At Risk From “Climate Change””

  1. JGlanton says:

    Sheeesh! Is their grant going to get renewed after that exercise in make-believe? These ‘scientists’ sound like high school kids working on a class project for a substitute teacher. It’s really sad to see what is acceptable as scientific research these days. I did more ethical science for my freshman Environmental Science project for solar energy for the D.C. mall.

  2. john says:

    80% of americans live in urban areas. Urban areas are growing rural populations are shrinking especially as young people move to the cities for economic and social reasons Teach Charlotte is one of the fastest growing urban areas. Rural areas have higher rates of poverty than urban areas and are sending their poor into the cities.reas.http://www.dailyyonder.com/ruralurban-poverty-gap-narrows/2011/09/19/3526
    And remeber Blue states pay more in taxes to the Federal government than they get back, red states being pooer take more from the Feds tahn they pay.
    Renewables like solar and wind tend to produce their power when it is most needed during the daytime
    Yes Teach the number of North Atlantic hurricanes is about average, the power seems to be increasing but yet you seem to care about only their impact on the USA, tropical people (yes they are humans also) continue to get hit hard.
    As far as labeling Sandy only as a “strong ” tropical storm that storm was ferocious it was huge and caused tremendous damage not so much with its wind but with its wind driven storm surge. That was the storm YOU termed over hyped. I disagree. I do NOT think it was hyped.
    In NYC it broke 100 year records. I do not think its record of destruction will be ever called THE NEW NORMAL
    But which is the biggest blooper “don’t worry Sandy is over hyped and is really just a rainstorm” or saying ” this could be The New Normal” The new normal being 100 year old records being broken more frequently than once every 100 years.

  3. john says:

    urban per capita energy consumption is over 105 less than rural

  4. john says:

    Do you feel that the Pope and the US militrary are part of this “fear mongering”

  5. john says:

    or Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan ? were these people really leftist one worlders ?

  6. Jeffery says:

    urban per capita energy consumption is over 105 less than rural

    John raises a good point. How long can urbanites continue to subsidize the rural lifestyle?

  7. jl says:

    “As far as labeling Sandy as only a strong storm..it was huge and ferocious..and caused tremendous damage with the storm surge….I don’t think it was hyped.” Any storm preceeded by the term “super” is being hyped, sorry. If Sandy was termed “super”, and wasn’t even a hurricane when it made landfall, then what was Katrina? The “tremendous damage” you talk about means..what? Cost? Fatalities? Damages? If you’re talking about cost, that’s irrelevant, as things cost more than they used to and there’s more structures in the way of any kind of storm. And Sandy’s damage from the storm surge was as much due to the path it took as it’s strength. “In NYC it broke 100 year old records..The new normal is 100 year old records being broken more frequently than 100 years.” Still smoking that Magic Stuff, John? First, what 100 year old record are you talking about? You don’t mention it. If you’re right, that means some 100 year old record was broken. But what kind of magic math are you using to say “100 year old records being broken more frequently”? This record was broken once- that’s not more frequently. “Do you feel that the Pope and US military are part of the fear-mongering? Without a doubt, yes. Putting aside the blatant hypocrisy of liberals now suddenly agreeing with the Pope, he knows nothing of “global warming”. And the military is under Obama, a major astrologer, so they’ll put out whatever press release they want him to.

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