Warmists Who Took Long Fossil Fueled Flights To Lima Want To End Use Of Fossil Fuels

The rank hypocrisy of this shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least. One part of Progressivism is the notion of  “do as I say not as I do”

Goal to End Fossil Fuels by 2050 Proposed at Lima Climate Talks

A draft negotiating text was circulated yesterday at the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru that would cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050, earlier than many other proposals, and could spell the end of the fossil fuel industry. It’s one of the most ambitious proposals to come out of the conference.

According to The Guardian of London, the countries behind this aggressive proposal to address climate change include Norway, Sweden, the Marshall Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Panama. Their hope is that it will provide a negotiating framework heading into next December’s final talks in Paris.

I wonder how all the folks from those nations traveled to Lima?

The 33-page draft text suggested that developed countries reach peak emissions by next year en route to eliminating them entirely by 2050 and achieving negative emissions by 2100. It noted that “the time frame for peaking may be longer in developing countries, in the context of equitable access to sustainable development.” and suggested pathways to achieving its goal.

Perhaps they should start by making their own “emissions” zero and even negative. Of course, all Warmists, part of the broader Progressive movement, rarely practice what they preach, as they do not want to suffer the negative consequences of their beliefs. They just think that Other People should have to suffer for those beliefs.

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One Response to “Warmists Who Took Long Fossil Fueled Flights To Lima Want To End Use Of Fossil Fuels”

  1. Dana says:

    You know what? I think it would be a great idea to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2050. Whether fossil fuels cause global warming or not, they still pollute in other ways.

    The only question is: how do we achieve that goal? When President Kennedy committed us to landing on the moon, we didn’t have all the technology we need, but we did know what the path would have to be: chemical rocket power. When President Roosevelt committed us to the atomic bomb project, we didn’t know if it could actually work, but we knew the path that had to be taken.

    Ending the use of fossil fuels? We don’t know what power source we can use to replace them. We don’t foresee the engineering paths we’ll have to take. We just don’t have an idea how to get there from here.

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