Climate Change Blamed For Coyote And Bear Attacks

Because they say so

(Climate Progress) In September, the Los Angeles area community of Seal Beach decided to start trapping and euthanizing coyotes in response to several pet deaths associated with the thriving urban predators. This controversial trap-and-kill policy is one of the most eye-catching developments in recent years as urban and rural wildlife boundaries in California become even further blurred — driven in part by the state’s crippling drought. Now in its fourth year, the drought has had profound impacts on humans and animals alike, with little end in sight. While the state was hit with a series of downpours in late November and early December, the several inches of rain only offered a drop in the bucket as far recovering from the drought.

This year a black bear killed a hiker in New Jersey for the first timein over 150 years as the bear population grows and spreads throughout the state. Polar bear attacks on humans are increasing in areas around the Arctic. And a new hybrid between coyotes and wolves, the coywolf, is rapidly expanding across the East as it combines the prowess of a wolf and cunning of a coyote — a bad combination for deer, another species that is thriving across suburban America. This inter-species breeding of the coywolf is brought on by human-driven stresses on species, such as habitat loss, over-hunting, and climate changes that lead to things like drought.

There’s actually a good point within the article about Mankind’s influence on the environment, things like land use, encroachment on habitats, and resource demand,  but then they have to let their Climatettes (Tourettes for Warmists) take over and blather about Hotcoldwetdry. This does a great disservice to real environmental issues.

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