Know What’s Really Needed To Win Over Skeptics? Stories!

Quite frankly, I think we’ve already hate quite enough stories over science from the Cult Of Climatology, thank you very much

Science won’t win over the climate change sceptics – we need stories


In COIN’s latest report, Young Voices, we spoke to young people in the UK aged between 18 and 25 about their views on climate change. Most were not interested in fighting a battle against organised scepticism. Debating solutions, rather than the science, was deemed a much higher priority.

Interesting, because their “solutions” will increase unemployment and low paying jobs, decrease affordable energy, and increase governmental control. In other words, these youths are screwing themselves. Oh, and they, like so many Warmists, aren’t quite sure what they are actually discussing

Interestingly, though, a study conducted in Canada suggests that people don’t necessarily need to know much about climate policies in order to support them. There is no direct relationship between policy knowledge and support for them.

Well, that sure fits Warmists. They don’t have to actually know anything in order to be Believers.

More important than the actual solutions are the stories that grow around them, and the meanings people attribute to different technologies and ideas. The success of #ItsHappening is most likely driven by a sense of social momentum rather than anything inherently ‘likeable’ about the projects shared.

See? Stories! Fables! Let’s jump back in the article for a moment

This insight is also reflected in 10:10’s #ItsHappening campaign, which promotes creative ways of tackling climate change from across the globe on social media. The logic of the campaign is simple: show people that solutions are not only possible but already proliferating, and a powerful sense of momentum will grow.

If you’re going to use the despicable 10:10 as your basis for stories, you’re off the edge of the map. Remember, they were the ones who did the “No Pressure” video, where they thought that the execution of skeptics, including children, was a wonderful idea.

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