We Can Blame Barbie For Rape Culture And “Climate Change”

The Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt catches something wonky from the Aussie Greens

The Greens really are ridiculous, hysterically accusing Barbie of secretly sneaking out of the toy basket to help bash women and steal their pay:

GREENS Senator Larissa Waters has urged Christmas shoppers to rethink buying bright pink jewellery or dolls for little girls, linking gender-stereotyped toys to domestic violence and pay inequality.

Let’s go to that Daily Telegraph Australia article

GREENS Senator Larissa Waters has urged Christmas shoppers to rethink buying bright pink jewellery or dolls for little girls, linking gender-stereotyped toys to domestic violence and pay inequality.

The minor party’s gender spokeswoman has endorsed the ‘No Gender December’ campaign, set up by grassroots group Play Unlimited, which calls on retailers to stop using old-fashioned gender stereotypes as marketing ploys this Christmas.

It warns aisles of pink and blue merchandise, while seemingly harmless, can lead to serious social problems including violence against women and children.

She goes downhill from there. But, Warmists are also pushing this

Climate Change Fuels Sexual Violence

This month a study added to the long-running controversy over whether temperature rises as a result of climate change may contribute to increased levels of violence. It found only an indirect link between temperature and violence, contradicting a study from 2013.

The paper concedes that climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa could exacerbate stresses and tensions over scarce resources, but it concludes that key political, economic and geographic factors are more important drivers of violence.

But however indirect this link between climate change and violence is, we should not underestimate it. Especially when it comes to violence against women and girls.

Although evidence is as yet patchy there is enough empirical evidence to suggest causal links: climate change leads to increased conflict over natural resources, which in turn leads to heightened violence against women and girls.

So, even though the link is indirect at best, Warmists are Utterly Sure that there is a link between rising temperatures, er, well, temperatures that will surely rise, according to their flawed computer models and talking points, in the future and sexual violence against women. So, we see that Barbie, a paragon of toys for little girls, is responsible for rape culture and climate change.

Tim Blair decides to give Barbie a makeover

So let’s fix Barbie and make her Greens-compliant.

First, the name has to go. Say goodbye to Barbie and hello to Barb, a women’s refuge counsellor, coal seam gas protester and cis-gender vegan poet.

Barbie needs a new hairstyle to go with her new name. That old look is clearly imposed by male concepts of beauty and attractiveness, and it isn’t very practical when you’re staging a university sit-in or chaining yourself to mining machinery. Barb’s new buzz-cut will be the talk of Toytown!

How can Barb possibly read the IPCC’s full report on climate change without proper eyewear? Barb requires a pair of glasses that project an image of assertive and confident womanhood; glasses that tell the world: “This little lady won’t be pushed around!” Maybe she can borrow a pair from Greens MP Adam Bandt.

And she’ll wear a permanent frown, just like most Lefties.

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2 Responses to “We Can Blame Barbie For Rape Culture And “Climate Change””

  1. John says:

    Nut picking again are we Teach?
    How about explains why your post that 2012 would be the beginning if global cooling
    Green house gases trapping heat has been cutting edge science for 130 years that is how long science has known that infrared radiation is trapped by CO2
    Hell Teach even Reagan and Thatcher knew that back in the early 80s and issued warnings wsys back then

  2. jl says:

    He’s not nit-picking, John, and he’s definitely not nut-picking.

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