Surprise: Climate Change Is Really About Inequality

I’ve said time and time again that “climate change” is really just part of the vast Progressive (nice fascist) movement,  using a supposed scientific issue as cover to push their Big Government policies of control and taxation. Here’s more evidence

To address climate change, we need to start with global inequality

Issues of First Nations sovereignty and self-determination are continually being papered on the halls of Canadian consciousness.  The more our artists, activists, journalists, scholars, students, and First Nations’ communities work to pull back the veil on our county’s colonial legacy, the more nuanced that legacy appears. In fact, the further back the veil slides, the more our nation’s pedigree seems bound up with what the scientific, and some religious, communities tell us is the most pressing issue of our time: climate change.

For many of us, climate change is our gravest concern. To quote UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, climate change is “the defining challenge of our era.” But when you look past the carefully chosen quotations, the sound bites lifted by the mainstream media, and the distortions that big green groups serve up to the public — if you direct your attention to the front lines of the climate movement — you will see that activists are really rallying about inequality.

Interestingly, the same people who are the primary believers in “climate change” also tend to be the least charitable with their own money.

Anyhow, like Naomi Klein and a few other honest Warmists, Sean Allingham, the writer, is exposing what’s really going in, and what these people really stand for.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Climate Change Is Really About Inequality”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Do you think an op-ed in a Canadian college newspaper is a fair representation of all progressive thought, lol?

    Conservatives flock to StormFront. Is that a fair representation of conservative thought?

  2. John says:

    Interestingly enough …….. If donations given to the MagicMan (religion) are disregarded progressives give more than conservatives. (Bad fascists)
    That is when something like the Tsunami killed thousands liberals give slightly more
    It does sort of make me wonder though why you feel you must continually say. ” we are better than them ” ? Who are you trying to convince. ?

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