Climate Change Is A Moral Issue For People Of Faith Or Something

I explained yesterday, to some degree, how Progressives are working to take over all sorts of different sectors (and have taken over lots), one of which is the religious sector. Climate change is simply a politically expedient method to enforce Progressive doctrines. Over the past year or so, we’ve been seeing more and more in regards to linking Faith, ie, religion, with “climate change”. Katherine Hayhoe has big a big pusher of this, and others are following along. Like this, by Sarah King, the chair of the Arizona Ecumenical Council’s Earth Care Commission.

Climate change is a moral issue crucial to people of faith

I have served on the Arizona Ecumenical Council Earth Care Commission as both a committee member and as chairperson for about 15 years. Recently, I was asked to comment on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon rule to curb the growing threat of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.

I know this is a controversial topic with some people as the standards could mean that coal-fired generating plants would have to make some expensive technological adaptations and retire some units and expedite transition to clean energy sources such as solar and wind in order to reduce carbon pollution. Ultimately, we must bear these costs, however. I believe that if I am going to be true to the mandate I have as a practicing Christian, I have no choice but to come down on the side of these new protections.

Let me explain. Christians (full disclosure — I am of the United Methodist persuasion) have a gospel duty to be good citizens. This is reflected in the 2004 United Methodist Church Book of Resolutions under the heading, “Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future,” which states: “The scale of human activities has grown so large that it now threatens the planet itself. Global environmental problems have become so vast they are hard to comprehend. The vast majority of scientific evidence suggests that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels has already caused a measurable warming of the globe. Confronted with the massive crisis of the deterioration of God’s creation and faced with the question of the ultimate survival of life, we ask God’s forgiveness for our participation in this destruction.”

We are not the only Christian (or Jewish, or Muslim or Unitarian Universalist, for that matter) religion that understands that WE ARE THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM and are calling for action on climate change. This is a concern of many faith communities, and rightly so — because climate change is a moral issue. And when it comes to moral questions, the church is morally bound to weigh in.

She goes on to write that it is “the duty of the church to speak out boldly and forcefully” on climate change because it is “greatest challenge to human survival of our time. I would think it is the job of the churches to preach about the Bible and Jesus. Silly me.

For over 15 years, the Earth Care Commission’s unofficial motto has been: “If we don’t care, who will?” It is time to show that we care.

Which is funny, because the earth has been in a statistically insignificant warming pause for longer than the group has had the unofficial motto.

As time goes on, remember the warning about how Progressives are taking over institutions, in this case religion, for their nefarious fascist purposes. Yet, few Progressives (yup, writing it again) will back their talking points up with action in their own lives.

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9 Responses to “Climate Change Is A Moral Issue For People Of Faith Or Something”

  1. Nate says:

    Yep, because, ya know, G_d just created everything – including Earth and its climate and weather patterns – but He’s entirely mpotent to stop His human creations from mucking everything up.


  2. Jeffery says:

    Once again Mr. Teach earns his Pirate Denier sobriquet by Denying that the Earth is warming. Next Mr. Teach will Deny that he is Denying the Earth of warming. Then Mr. Teach will claim he has never Denied the Earth is warming. Then Mr. Teach will once again Deny the Earth is warming by posting the misleading RSS graph.

    His Denialism embarrasses him, which is a good sign, but he is not so embarrassed that he stops Denying. He want it both ways – to earn just a bit of respect from the scientifically literate, but also to stay in the good graces of the Denier cult.

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  5. john says:

    Teach have you ever bothered to actual look at what that graph represents ?
    I keep pointing out that your graph shows 2012 as being cold, when it was HOT
    If you go to the web page from where that data was taken Remote Sensing Syaystems THEY have graphs which show a five year mean average temps as always rising in the lower troposphere. That being the lower 17km which is of course WHERE LIFE EXISTS
    Teach YOU have to learn to go to the primary sources

  6. john says:

    God controls the weather ? WTF soo we cna pray for it to be cooler and that will happen ?
    Did God really send Superstorm Katrina to New Orleans because of the
    Is God the one who hits people with lightning ? Why does he do taht ? GAYS ?

  7. Jeffery says:

    Former Sec of Treasury, and a true fiscal conservative, Henry (Hank) Paulson writes about global warming.

    Paul Krugman points out “… what’s sad is that he (Paulson) imagines that anyone in the party he still claims as his own is listening. Earth to Paulson: the GOP you imagine, which respects science and is willing to consider even market-friendly government interventions like carbon taxes, no longer exists. The reins of power now rest firmly, irreversibly, in the hands of men who believe that climate change is a hoax concocted by liberal scientists to justify Big Government… ”

    Let’s repeat, “The reins of power now rest in the hands of men who believe that climate change is a hoax concocted by liberal scientists to justify Big Government… “

  8. Jay says:

    You know, I think Ms Haehoe is absolutely right: stopping global warming is a fundamentally Christian thing to do, and any good Christian must support it.

    And so, just like other things that Christians oppose for religious reasons, like abortion and homosexuality, for the government to pass and enforce any laws on this issue would be an unacceptable breach of the separation of church and state. As Christians, Ms Haehoe and I must oppose global warming. But we can’t impose our religion on other people! We must recognize that other people might have different religious beliefs and respect those beliefs.

    Indeed, now that I think about it, even to publicly state that you oppose global warming is probably hate speech.

  9. Choey says:

    ===“The reins of power now rest in the hands of men who believe that climate change is a hoax concocted by liberal scientists to justify Big Government… ===

    Sure it is. That’s why the EPA can go around shutting down coal burning plants and cause your electric bill to “necessarily skyrocket”. Because the “deniers” are in control….

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