Oops: Farmer’s Abandons “Climate Change” Lawsuit

Isn’t it strange how almost every single suit Warmists file either fails, or, most often, gets dropped?

(Insurance Journal) Farmers Insurance Group, which filed nine class actions in May against nearly 200 communities in the Chicago area, is withdrawing its lawsuit.

The suit accused the Illinois municipalities of failing to prepare for severe rains and flooding. It argued that the local governments should have known rising global temperatures would lead to heavier rains and should have done more to fortify their sewers and stormwater drains.

Some have speculated it could be the first in what could be a wave of litigation over who should be liable for the possible costs of climate change.

“Farmers initiated this litigation in an effort to recover money on behalf of our policyholders for certain losses they sustained that could have been avoided by the cities and counties named in this lawsuit.  We hoped that by filing this lawsuit we would encourage cities and counties to take preventative steps to reduce the risk of harm in the future. We had hoped to give a voice to customers.”

Evidently the threat of the suit was enough.

I’m going to speculate and say that it was withdrawn because they knew there was no chance of winning, just like with most of these Hotcoldwetdry suits. As far as the “threat” goes, that’s what Warmists and far left activists do: threaten to sue in order to force Other People to change their behavior. I have to wonder: if Farmers is so concerned about Hotcoldwetdry, why do they still offer insurance for fossil fueled vehicles?

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2 Responses to “Oops: Farmer’s Abandons “Climate Change” Lawsuit”

  1. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    Let me get this straight:
    1) weather creates an event in city where some are Farmer’s clients
    2) damage leads clients to seek policy payment from Farmer Insurance for repairs
    3) Farmers sues cities for failing to withstand weather
    4) All of the city’s tax payers are then forced to pay more in taxes to pay for the hoped-for judgement
    5) City’s check given to Farmer’s Insurance will not be used to refund client’s policies (a small part of the so-called “affected” tax payers of the city) but will be used to fund payroll increases.

    Farmer’s charge client’s a rate, then forces city to raise taxes on all citizens to pay for a judgement, including their own policy holders.

    Now, an argument could be made that the cities are not really preparing their cities for flooding. But, that lawsuit can only be brought by the city’s taxpayers. Not an insurance agency.

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