Snowflakes Are Key To Solving Unemployment And Globull Warming Or Something

Key, I tell you , key!

To Solve Unemployment and Global Warming, Young People Hold the Key

See? Key.

Meet Alejandro Zapata, a young social entrepreneur from Colombia who nearly a decade ago founded a small enterprise in Medellin to design and implement innovative strategies for sustainable development. Since then, he has built a remarkable organization that collaborates with the private sector, governments, and NGOs to improve the environment–whether it’s working with companies to reduce water consumption in the manufacturing process or creating alliances with local ministries to spur “green” business growth. Due to its success, Portafolio Verde has grown its workforce to 40–the majority of whom are 20 to 35 years of age.

Alejandro, a member of the International Youth Foundation’s global network of YouthActionNet® fellows, is part of a worldwide movement of young leaders whose innovative thinking, passion for change, and entrepreneurial spark are helping to combat climate change and promote sustainable development. He is also a powerful example of how entrepreneurship itself–starting one’s own company and creating much needed jobs in the community–is helping to address the global unemployment crisis that keeps so many of today’s young people on the margins, unable to support themselves or build a future for their families.

Clearly, both climate change and youth unemployment, if not effectively dealt with now, pose grave threats to our collective futures. One recent report by a prominent military advisory board finds that global climate change is a growing threat to the national security of the United States, causing “global instability and conflict.” The study concludes: “The lack of comprehensive action by both the United States and the international community to address the full spectrum of projected climate change issues remains a concern.” Similarly, lack of progress in addressing high youth unemployment continues to roil regions like the Middle East and North Africa, where three years ago youth-led protests demanding greater economic opportunities toppled regimes and the status quo. The fact that 600 million young people today are out of school, out of work, and have no access to training should provide a renewed sense of urgency to move forward on these issues.

This isn’t just a Hotcoldwetdry issue: essentially, what we have here are youths creating jobs out of thin air that amount to nothing. They produce nothing of value. No products. No art. No science. No knowledge. Zip. Nada. Of course, this is what the snowflakes are learning in school, the power of narcissism, leading to so many degrees in (Insert stupid here) Studies. Worthless degrees that provide nothing but self-absorption. And here we have them linking the imaginary problem of anthropogenic global warming along with spreading awareness by creating meaningless spreading awareness groups. All linked to The Government.

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3 Responses to “Snowflakes Are Key To Solving Unemployment And Globull Warming Or Something”

  1. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    I’m not sure I understand the linkages with this news article. It mentions a guy who creates a business telling businesses how to use less water and be more green. Ok? So? how does that relate to stopping the climate from changing and solving rampant high youth unemployment and the links between the two – which aren’t there?

    all “green” thinking has to do with reducing employment and driving off innovation and the economy. High unemployment is the outcome of that. Pushing more green does not solve unemployment, it exacerbates it.

    And putting kids to work on “green” things only means they will be on the government payroll and thus, again, driving down the economy through increased taxation on those few remaining jobs.

    Seems to me, it’s fitting. Those who most voted for Obama are now feeling the heat from their decisions (speaking of the USA at least). But to a more global aspect, those who vote socialist, typically force others to suffer under socialism’s yoke of poverty and misery.

  2. Jeffery says:

    “…we have here are youths creating jobs out of thin air that amount to nothing. They produce nothing of value. No products. No art. No science. No knowledge. Zip. Nada. …”

    Huh? He started a company that hired 40 people and you object because you don’t like 1) young people and 2) conservation.

    Teach: What do you do for a living? Sounds to me as if you are envious of Mr. Zapata.

  3. Jeffery says:

    oh, forgot..

    Hey Snowflake,

    Globull is not a word.

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