Surprise: Warmists Tend To Have Much Bigger “Carbon Footprints”

So claims the guy who created a web app to track your carbon footprint

(Grist) Ian Monroe wants you to beat your Facebook friends at a new game: Who has the lowest carbon footprint?

Monroe is the CEO of Oroeco, a recently launched web app that tracks a user’s personal impact on climate change. The app not only helps you quantify your own footprint — based on your spending habits, made possible through linking up with — but by logging in with Facebook it’ll allow you to compare your carbon sins with those of your virtual community. Ultimately, Monroe wants to motivate users to emit a little (or a lot) less greenhouse gas. In other words, go ahead and feel green – with envy, that is.

Grist’s Samantha Larson interviewed Mr. Monroe, and here’s the very first excerpt

Something that comes as a shock to a lot of our users: The average person who says they care about climate change actually has a substantially worse than average footprint. Generally that’s because they tend to have a bit more money, and they tend to be people who like to think of themselves as multicultural and like to get out and see the world. Which means that they’re flying around a lot, and all that flying generally outweighs any other green lifestyle choices that they’ve made. You have a lot of people who are using reusable bags and water bottles, driving a Prius, maybe eating a bit more of a veggie friendly diet. But then they’re flying to Bali or South Africa or something once a year. They end up having a larger carbon footprint than a conservative guy who drives an SUV in the suburbs of Atlanta but doesn’t fly anywhere.

Color me shocked!

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One Response to “Surprise: Warmists Tend To Have Much Bigger “Carbon Footprints””

  1. john says:

    yeah these are the same people who would not mind paying a carbon tax. Young successfull happy people. Don’t cha just hate them so much ?

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