Rise Of Boko Haram, Kidnappings, Blames On “Climate Change”

Aaaaaaand, we finally have a winner. Whenever something happens, one can expect some Warmist to blame “climate change” as the cause, or at least one of the causes, of the happening. Here’s the UK Guardian’s Dr. Nafeez Ahmed

Behind the rise of Boko Haram – ecological disaster, oil crisis, spy games

Islamist militancy in Nigeria is being strengthened by western and regional fossil fuel interests

The kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls, and the massacre of as many as 300 civilians in the town of Gamboru Ngala, by the militant al-Qaeda affiliated group, Boko Haram, has shocked the world.

But while condemnations have rightly been forthcoming from a whole range of senior figures from celebrities to government officials, less attention has been paid to the roots of the crisis.

Instability in Nigeria, however, has been growing steadily over the last decade – and one reason is climate change. In 2009, a UK Department for International Development (Dfid) study warned that climate change could contribute to increasing resource shortages in the country due to land scarcity from desertification, water shortages, and mounting crop failures.

A more recent study by the Congressionally-funded US Institute for Peace confirmed a “basic causal mechanism” that “links climate change with violence in Nigeria.” The report concludes:

“…poor responses to climatic shifts create shortages of resources such as land and water. Shortages are followed by negative secondary impacts, such as more sickness, hunger, and joblessness. Poor responses to these, in turn, open the door to conflict.”

Unfortunately, a business-as-usual scenario sees Nigeria’s climate undergoing “growing shifts in temperature, rainfall, storms, and sea levels throughout the twenty-first century. Poor adaptive responses to these shifts could help fuel violent conflict in some areas of the country.”

Obviously, Nigeria was a hotbed of peace, love, and kumbaya prior to fossil fuels. There were never droughts or changes in the climate. People never suffered. It’s all Mankind’s fault.

In proof of fact, climate has always been a part of instability, because climate, short term and long term, always changes. But, really, one has to look more towards the rise of Islamic extremism, another long term issue, which has become even more hardcore since the 1970’s.

If this analysis is correct, then the hundreds of innocent girls kidnapped in Nigeria are not just victims of Islamist fanaticism; they are also victims of failed foreign, economic and security policies tied to our infernal addiction to black gold.

Almost had it. Islamic extremists will rise regardless, because of the background of radical Islam. Substituting climate change, oil, etc, avoids the major issues, and will surely become a theme amongst the Islamic apologists.

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5 Responses to “Rise Of Boko Haram, Kidnappings, Blames On “Climate Change””

  1. Kevin says:

    Boku Haram roughly translates to, “Western teachings are evil, and so is CO2”.


  2. Dana says:

    In other words, it’s all our fault, for driving high-horsepowered cars fueled by the infernal combustion engine, rather than a Chevy Volt, and we should be arrested and sent, in chains, to stand trial at The International Criminal Court for our obvious complicity in the kidnappings.

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  4. Jeffery says:

    Another major progressive/lib organization has cast their lot with the warmists: The Pentagon.


  5. Trish Mac says:

    It was the Koch brothers.

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