Michael Sam Taken 249th, Complains Not Taken High Enough

A bit of a follow up to yesterday’s post on Michael Sam

(CBS Sportsline) Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in NFL history to be drafted when the Rams took him with the 249th pick on Saturday, but Sam almost didn’t make history because he almost fell out of the draft.

Sam was taken with the eighth-to-last pick, meaning he almost wasn’t drafted at all, something he found rather shocking. The NFL’s first openly gay player said he should’ve been picked higher.

“From last season alone, I should’ve been in the first three rounds — SEC Defensive player of the year, All-American,” Sam said, listing off his 2013 accomplishments, via the Rams official website.

There were a few teams who expressed interest in signing him if not drafted, but, one has to wonder about the comment. Is this just standard whining, or is he complaining that he wasn’t picked higher because he’s gay? Scrolling through the comments, most are seeing this as an entitlement mentality, a problem waiting to happen (in terms of if he gets cut, doesn’t play enough, and the media circus, among others, which will be blamed on anti-gay bigotry), and that he should be happy he was drafted. Here’s a perfect one

This is a big warning flag about Michael Sam.  There is no reason he should have that sense of entitlement.  He should be glad to be drafted and go out there and earn his money, not bitching already about how low he was drafted.  Had he waited to come out until after the draft, he probably would have gone a bit higher but a lot of teams don’t want the media circus that comes with Sam.  Couple that with a less than inspiring combine and he should count himself lucky to be drafted at all.

Jazz Shaw calls Sam an albatross wrapped around the Rams’ neck, especially since players drafted in the 7th round have an 8% chance of starting or having a durable position. Sam was an outstanding college level player. But, what for the NFL? Most are less than enthused about his skills, size, speed, and agility. He has the mental makeup. But, then, Tebow had the strength, durability, leadership, agility, size. What he didn’t have was the decision making and accuracy to be an NFL caliber QB. And the media circus did not help. He would have made a great tight end. Perhaps Sam would be better at Safety. Tebow refused to adapt. Will Sam?

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5 Responses to “Michael Sam Taken 249th, Complains Not Taken High Enough”

  1. […] criticize his performance, because if they do they’ll be labeled as mean old homophobes. He’s already complaining about not being picked earlier. Boo […]

  2. Jeffery says:

    Most 1st through 3rd-team defensive All-Americans who entered the draft were drafted in the early rounds but the other first team All-America defensive end, Jackson Jeffcoat from Texas, was not drafted and subsequently signed as a free-agent with the Seattle Seahawks. Jeffcoat won the Ted Hendricks Award for best defensive end in the nation, but the NFL passed on him during the draft.

    Jeffcoat, like Sam, is considered a “tweener”, not big enough to be an effective NFL defensive end, but not fast and athletic enough to play linebacker.

    Both Sam and Jeffcoat will have the opportunity to prove they can play in the NFL.

    I’m a Mizzou fan but Michael Sam is off-base this time. His college credentials, like Jeffcoat’s, are impressive, but are largely irrelevant to NFL scouts.

  3. Dana says:

    The scouts and various draft prognosticators all had Mr Sam as a fifth to seventh round pick, following a poor combine.

    The St Louis Ewes had better hope that he works out, because they have drafted an almost uncuttable player. If he just doesn’t perform in training camp and the exhibition games, a seventh round pick would normally be gone with the first cut down, but if Mr Sam doesn’t perform well, and the Ewes cut him, there will be cries of “Homophobe!” all across this land.

  4. Hoss says:

    charlie ward won the Heisman and was only projected to go between the 3rd and the 5th round. I think maybe Michael feels he’s a bit entitled. Have fun with the train-wreck that’s coming St. Louis, because when you cut him it’s because you’re a bunch of homophobes.

  5. Trish Mac says:

    Hoss is right- this is now an albatross around whichever team drafted him. If he doesn’t play, if he doesn’t play well, if they want to release/cut him, they are doomed to be labeled and tortured by their homophobia. Reality and the good of your team be damned.
    So I predict he ultimately retires as a Ram. Whether he plays for his entire career or not, is not clear. But they’ve just hired themselves a non-fire-able athlete.

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