Hooray, 5 Things You Can Do About Hotcoldwetdry

Because climate change is here. Now. Or something

(CNN) Climate change isn’t something in the far-off future: It’s a potentially disastrous reality that’s already starting to have effects that are expected to worsen, experts say.

Longer summers and heavier rainfalls are some of the impacts Americans are already seeing, according to the National Climate Assessment. We should expect more flooding, wildfires and drought.

Is this a press release from the White House? Well, really, there’s not that much separation between the Obama WH and most news outlets. Anyhow, CNN helpfully offers 5 things you can do at home…unlike CNN, which uses vast amounts of electricity and fossil fuels to produce their network, which, according to Warmists are Bad Things for “climate change”

  1. Become informed – obviously, CNN is only pushing one way, towards the Warmists cult
  2. Make changes at home – most of these are simply common sense energy saving methods, tried and true, which have nothing to do with “climate change”
  3. Be greener at the office – same as the previous
  4. Reduce emissions in transit – the real solution is for Believers to give up fossil fueled travel. Of course, that would interfere with living a modern lifestyle. I love the part about telling people to fly at night and pack lighter in order to reduce the carbon footprint. These people are nuts.
  5. Get involved and educate others about the big picture – spreading awareness! Become a Climate Change missionary! Spread the cult!

Notice that none of the solutions require Warmists to truly change their lives to match their beliefs

Bottom line: Most of the public will never read the full National Climate Assessment, Shepherd said. But if you arm yourself with correct information, you can make informed choices that could affect your community and the planet at large.

Yes, this is an actual article from a major news outlet, which reads like a release from the far left Think Progress.

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One Response to “Hooray, 5 Things You Can Do About Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. john says:

    Teach expects all those who believe in climate change to live perfect lives. well that is not going to happen. BUT America IS reducing its total carbon footprint. Has that been an inconvenience to you Teach ?

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