Poll Shows Europe Cares Little About Climate Change

We already know that “climate change” ranks at the bottom of concerns for American citizens. How about for the EU? Bjorn Lomborg finds an interesting study

EU likes to say “climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the modern age.”

But its citizens don’t think so. They focus on unemployment, the economic situation, inflation, government debt, health, social security, immigration, crime, taxes, pensions, education and housing before they worry about climate.

Moreover, notice, how they’ve bunched up environment, climate *and* energy issues, and still can’t get it above 5%.

The whole report, from Eurobarometer fall 2013, shows a lot of other interesting facts. Perhaps surprisingly, the only countries that seem to worry even remotely about global warming are Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Malta (global warming is 3rd or 4th most important). Perhaps not so surprisingly, these are also the countries that are feeling the least worried about their economy.

So, when you’re rich and unconcerned, you can allow yourself to also worry a bit about global warming. But otherwise, you care about more immediate issues.

25+ years of pushing “climate change”, of attempting to scare the citizens, and even in Europe there is an overall shoulder shrug.

But, then, why should the average citizen be concerned with “climate change” when Warmists aren’t based on their own inaction and refusal to modify their own lives to match their supposed belief sets?

The report is here.

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2 Responses to “Poll Shows Europe Cares Little About Climate Change”

  1. Butt-Melting_Gumballs says:

    too bad this sanity does not extend to voting and kicking the unelected EU reps out of their cushy highly-paid seats. or this realization does not reflect in their choices for how their own governments operate.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Hey Pirate.

    Since your single attempted refutation of the scientific theory of AGW is that “… Warmists… own inaction and refusal to modify their own lives to match their supposed belief sets” refutes the theory. A non sequitur to be sure, but still.

    Since this is so important to your thesis, would you please share your evidence of climate realists (whom you slur as warmists) “inaction and refusal to modify their own lives”?

    By “evidence” I mean evidence. Not anecdotes about Al Gore. Do you have access to data that supports your contention that those that recognize the reality of AGW have not modified their behaviors? Some of your denier commenters would benefit from this as well since they repeat your claim.

    What evidence do you have that your slurred “Warmists” haven’t changed their behaviors?

    If you cannot supply that data, what can we say except that your claim is total bullshit.

    You’ve been served. Time to put up or shut up.

    Oh, and our Earth is warming because of CO2 added to the atmosphere.

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