Bummer: Peer Reviewed Paper Finds Medieval And Roman Periods Were Warmer Than Present

Nothing those of us who live in Reality Land didn’t already know. Of course, Warmist, or, should we call them the New Climate Deniers, will do their little dance and claim that those warm periods were completely different. Back then, natural processes drove the climate. The sun, moon, gravatic forces, volcanoes, oceans, water vapor, etc were the drivers. Now we have Someone Else driving a fossil fueled vehicle and using hair spray causing the both the warming and pause. Here’s from the summary (via The Hockey Schtick)

Yes, climate change is real … just like the world’s climate alarmists vehemently contend. In fact, it’s the norm. And in the several oceanic studies briefly reviewed above, as well as studies pertaining to the terrestrial surface of the planet, Earth’s climate has been recognized as having shifted over the past century or so from the coldest period of the current interglacial to a significantly warmer state, but one that appears not yet to have achieved the level of warmth characteristic of the prior Medieval Warm Period or the earlier Roman Warm Period, as is also demonstrated by the hundreds of other such studies reviewed on the co2science.org website. And since none of these “warm-ups,” as well as still earlier ones, were driven by increases in the air’s CO2 concentration (which hovered around 285 ppm until the Industrial Revolution started it on its upward course towards today’s 400 ppm), there is no compelling reason to believe that the 20th century warming of the globe was driven by concurrent anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

As always, I will argue with anyone who claims that there was no warming since the end of the Little Ice Age. There was. Around 1.4F, with various decades long warming trends, punctuated by pauses. Just like has happened time and time again during the Holocene

We now have substantial evidence that throughout portions of both the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods, SSTs in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool were essentially equivalent to those of “the late twentieth century,” indicating – once again – that there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about current air temperatures in this critically important region of the globe.

The warmth of the more distant past clearly exceeded that of the recent past, with the peak temperature of the MWP exceeding that of the Current Warm Period by about 0.6°C, as best as can be determined from the graphical representation of Ran et al.’s data.

The heart of the matter is that no matter how often Warmists are provided with hard data, with reality, they won’t care. Because they will continue their fictions to no end. The “climate change” movement isn’t about science, it’s about politics. It’s about pushing Progressive, ie, fascistic, policies, about giving Government more and more control over the lives of people and over the private sector. It’s about raising taxes. About creating loyalty to The State. By force if necessary. These are people who think adding a tiny amount of CO2 into the atmosphere is stronger than the nuclear furnace hanging in the sky.

The full report in PDF form is available here.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Peer Reviewed Paper Finds Medieval And Roman Periods Were Warmer Than Present”

  1. Jeffery says:

    If true, this would not be good or bad news, just another summary and reevaluation of other’s data. You said the ‘report’ from the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) was peer-reviewed. What do you mean by that?

    It looks as if the right-wing SPPI crafted an advocacy piece referencing some peer-reviewed research articles. The SPPI is not a scientific body but is an advocacy group topped by Republican insider Robert E. Ferguson.

    Can you decipher who actually wrote the ‘report’?

    In any event, actual scientists have reviewed all the climate data and the latest assessment is that we are likely in the warmest period of the Holocene, certainly much warmer than the so-called medieval warm period and the Roman warm period, and probably warmer than even the early Holocene. see:


    Where we have an intellectual impasse is that you think the climate scientists are just as dishonest as the Robert E. Ferguson’s and Chris Monckton’s of the world. They’re not. I suspect you believe this are just two different sides of an issue with equal bullshit on each side. Not true.

  2. Covered_by_Gumballs says:

    Like John, J either doesn’t know how to or refuses to read. Please note, that it was mentioned that this was a “review paper”. Meaning that it collated various reviewed papers on the subject of past temperatures. There are 2.5 pages of footnotes and references in the linked PDF.

    From the review paper:

    As a result of this effort, the five Chinese researchers reported finding SST anomalies that “generally coincided with previously reported late Holocene climate events, including the Roman Warm Period [120 BC-AD 400], Sui-Tang Dynasty Warm Period [AD 550-790], Medieval Warm Period [AD 900-1300], Current Warm Period [AD 1850-present], Dark Age Cold Period[AD 400-550] and Little Ice Age [AD 1300-1850].” And they made a point of mentioning that “despite an increase since AD 1850, the mean SST in the 20th century is still within the range of natural variability during the past 2700 years.” In addition, they noted that climate records from East China (Ge et al., 2004), the North Icelandic Shelf (Patterson et al., 2010) and Greenland (Kobashi et al., 2011) also exhibited “centennial-scale warm periods during the first millennia AD, comparable to or even warmer than mean 20th-century conditions.”

    Are you saying that everyone who does not espouse your cult’s blind belief is not a scientist? So, most of the world’s leading scientists are “not” scientists in your view?

    Even at your link there J, most of the past 9,000 years were warmer than present based on Marcott. And, what ever 0 anomaly baseline is… According to that graph, most of last 2000 years is below anomaly.. therefore we are now getting back to “normal”. So, quit your yammering. Let us return to normality, according to Marcott’s data.

    When one side claims superiority in science, that side has already failed science and lost.

  3. Jeffery says:

    wt claimed this ‘report’ was peer-reviewed. By whom? We don’t know who wrote the thing.

    Imagine that the renewable energy industry secretly funded the formation of an advocacy group named the Sound Public Policy Foundation (SPPF) headed by a former Democratic operative who had spent time as VP of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Further imagine that the SPPF publishes a ‘report’ concluding that fracking results in a 6 fold increase in methane emissions into the atmosphere.

    Would you trust the motives of the authors? That’s rhetorical.

    gumballs: What is the physical mechanism that caused the abrupt change in trajectory of the temperature record the past hundred years? The Earth was slowly cooling, now it is warming at an incredibly rapid rate. If most of the scientists on Earth are correct in their assessments, this rapid warming will continue.

  4. Covered_by_Gumballs says:

    Boy, you are dense aren’t you. Willfully dense.

    First, we know who wrote the review of peer-reviewed papers. SPPI and probably the gent you mentioned earlier. But since you like to display non-truths and ignorance, I’d not put a wager on if you were correct or not. But, isn’t it ironic that in one breath you lay blame at the feet of one person and in the next you bash the review as anonymous.

    Second, if “Big Renewable” (which there are) were to write up a review article based upon peer-reviewed articles touting the harm and damage caused by fracking, then it would be examined and tossed around like this review paper was\is. It will be given worth based upon its merits and upon its truthfulness. Much like this paper will\is. Your hyperbole is meaningless.

    Third, there has not been an “abrupt change in trajectory of the temperature record the past hundred years“. So, your question is baseless.

    The Earth was slowly cooling

    Yes, it was.

    now it is warming

    Yes, it WAS. Now, you get the gyst of what the term CYCLICAL means. Welcome to reality. You’ll have to bring your own beer.

    now it is warming at an incredibly rapid rate

    No it is not. Your delirium has returned. Please seek medical attention. I’d suggest dialing 911 to reduce the wait time. You need help now. And even if it had, so what??? This is nice weather. This is great weather. This weather kills far fewer people than the previous cold climate did. Far more people die in the winter than summer. Is that it? You want a “winter” so that more of the people you don’t like will die?

    If most of the scientists on Earth are correct in their assessments, this rapid warming will continue.

    Again, you have that 180 degrees wrong. Most of the scientists on earth (I have no idea where your scientists are from) claim to have no knowledge of what the future holds and can only suggest that while our past climate has cycled from cold to hot, we have stayed longer in cold climates longer and more often than warm.

    And most scientists believe that we will return to a cold period as well, unlike your unearthly scientists. They can’t prognosticate when that will be, since prognostication is not part of science, unlike your cult. heck, all of your prognostications have proved wrong, but that doesn’t stop you from flailing your arms in fear and worry over their errant dire warnings.

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