Hooray! You Can Fight Hotcoldwetdry With Your Fork

No, really

(TribLive) Swarms of giant hornets have killed dozens of people and injured 1,600 in central China in recent months. Experts believe unusually warm temperatures there have enabled the hornets to breed more successfully. Jellyfish recently clogged water-intake pipes at a nuclear power plant in Sweden, forcing a 1,400-megawatt reactor to shut down. Almost all jellyfish breed better and faster in warmer waters.

Most of us probably aren’t surprised to hear that events such as this past summer’s “biblical” flooding in Colorado and the loss of sea ice that has forced 10,000 walruses to come ashore on Alaska’s northwest coast are likely linked to climate change. But other effects of an increasingly warmer planet — such as those jellyfish — may be less expected. Experts warn that we should brace ourselves for everything from aggravated allergies and outbreaks of tropical illnesses in once-cold climates to increased interpersonal violence and global security threats.

The solution to these disparate problems may be just as surprising: Go vegan.

Nature is never ever supposed to change, according to Warmists, hence, we all have to give up meat, says Paula Moore, a senior writer for PETA. You have your marching orders, Warmists. You all have to give up meat. Get to it.

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2 Responses to “Hooray! You Can Fight Hotcoldwetdry With Your Fork”

  1. Blick says:

    Obviously the warmist enviro-control freaks do not believe in evolution since their world is static and unchanging like the Creationists.

  2. Elephant_Gumballs_Room_Ignored says:

    Creationists do not believe in a static world either Blick. Please do not lump them in to the insanity drawer with environuts.

    Btw, nothing in that story even suggests a linkage to a “warming” world. Most of it is suggestive of land-use changes or things happening that have always happened.

    What would they say about the cold water sharks found in southern california? WOuld that mean the waters are getting colder then?

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