Schoolkids Won’t Know What On-Time Snow Looks Like

Won’t someone please think of the children?

It was temporary chaos in southern Germany on Friday after as much as 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) of snow fell in some areas. The early winter weather has toppled trees and downed power lines in Bavaria, leaving about 12,000 people without electricity, and authorities told school children and drivers to stay home. In the Austrian province of Tyrol alone, nearly 30,000 people were lacking power.

It’s also some sort of record. All because you had sausage with your breakfast this morning.

 (The Local) According to the latest forecast from the Swedish weather agency (SMHI) snow will hit Umeå in the north of the country along with Mora and Östersund in central Sweden on Thursday.

Residents living in the capital can expect sleet and possible wet snow on Friday as a result of chilly winds blowing down from the north of the country.

The snow is arriving about a month earlier than normal but weather experts said there is no correlation between an early snowfall and a particularly harsh winter.

Well, there’s obviously a correlation between snow and GHGs, so Warmists tell us. Sadly, it isn’t even hard to find these nuts

Whether it is a freak, sudden blizzard that kills off tens of thousands of cows, or heat waves that seem to never end or storms and floods that drown a community or wildfires that consume miles of trees and countryside in large ravenous bites, our climate is changing.


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One Response to “Schoolkids Won’t Know What On-Time Snow Looks Like”

  1. See_My_Gumballs_They_Be_Rollin says:

    Sigh, so Kaliphornia’s craziness is spreading faster than the early snow fall? Say it aint so.

    With the rain fall coming from the invasive heat wave over this weekend, our state is now seeing its 3rd wettest on recent record. Oddly enough 2007 was our wettest year. We are only 8 cm below top spot.

    But, like johnny likes to tell us: We are hotter now than ever ever evah before.

    And science has proven beyond a doubt that heat creates snow.

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