Pisgah Inn Reopens After Winning Injunction Against NPS

They fought the Spite House, and the Spite House did not win. Unfortunately, most of the other businesses along the Blue Ridge Highway are still closed, because (NMP) “make them feel the pain” Obama continues his hissy fit

(Blue Ridge Now) Despite the government’s official stance that they remain closed, the Pisgah Inn’s concessionaire has filed an injunction to prevent the National Park Service from enforcing the federal shutdown of his hotel, restaurant and retail operations.

The inn, at Milepost 408.6 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, began booking people into rooms Wednesday and planned to offer dinner service in its restaurant beginning at 5 p.m., according to front desk manager Kent Burgess. The inn’s gift shop and country store reopened Wednesday morning, he said. (snip)

That’s when an injunction O’Connell filed in federal court Monday “went through the proper channels, and we were notified we could reopen,” said Miller, who added that attorneys in Asheville and Washington, D.C. were hired to do the legal work.

The NPS did the human version of Barrycades, despite the road being open and them patrolling it. And making sure people don’t poach plants. And keeping people “safe”.

Supposedly, according to both the Asheville Citizen Times and USA Today, the NPS agreed to let him re-open in exchange for dropping the suit, though the Blue Ridge Now article states that Chief Ranger Steve Stinnett thinks it’s shutdown business as usual. This lady in ACT link puts it well

Gay Huff, of Mississippi, and her husband, Perry, stopped during a parkway trip from Cherokee, where they were staying. They were not aware the inn had been closed but said they’ve been disappointed in the shuttering of the nation’s parks.

“For any of it to be denied to the general public turns me inside out,” she said. “It is a personal violation that is hard for me to contain or even express.”

It’s all about making you feel the pain, Ms. Huff. Despite 83% of the government still operating.

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3 Responses to “Pisgah Inn Reopens After Winning Injunction Against NPS”

  1. Jeffery says:

    This is the Tea Party’s last stand, as they prepare to drive the US off the cliff.

    Unfortunately for the US, the Constitution has no mechanism to stop this slow-motion suicide bombing of this nation. A minority of well-financed anarchists has the Republican Party terrified of being “primaried”.

  2. david7134 says:

    Where are the governor’s is all this? Most of this activity is taking place on public roads. It seems the state cops could and should arrest the NPS goons. By the way, do these people at the NPS think that there will be no consequences to their actions? I know many are questioning exactly what these clowns do during an ordinary day.

  3. Trust_My_Gumballs says:

    John, I can’t even begin to come up with a response because once again your comments make no sense.

    As long as the NPS operates on those roads inside the national park, they are within their own jurisdiction. Unfortunately, as can be seen with the Shutdown Theater, the NPS cops are out of control. They have done the same thing as normal cops in harassing people and abusing their authority. They feel that they are above the laws and the people who pay their salaries.

    I pray, pray, that people remember this come next year and in 2016. We need to keep reminding them of who the Socialists really are. And if the conservatives, or heck the GOP, regain control – we need to hold their feet to the fire to clean house.

    Yet, as can be seen today, no one held accountable for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, EPA goon squads, outright cronyism that has been underway over the last 5 years.

    One thing that gets my craw… is how come we still have the ban on incandescent light bulbs? How come much of what the Socialists passed while Pelosi and Reid were in control, have not been undone?

    I am fearful with trepidation that the signs we are seeing now, the fact no one is held accountable for constitutional violations, for tyrannical directives outside the bounds of law, and refusal to hold civil servants accountable, that our march towards true Socialism will continue no matter who is in power.

    You have to realize… no matter how aware and incensed you are David and Teach and GC… there are 10x more people who don’t care and also vote. They want what you got and the gov’t says it has the power to take it from you and give it to them. And we’re getting more and more every year – thanks to our uneducation system and our open border & rewarding policy.

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